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Monday, July 25, 2016

Ancient drawing of my old bunny

Since I'm probably never going to get that stupidly long story post out, I thought I'd at least share the inspiration for that post - this bad drawing I made of my very old bunny. I recently found this drawing after many years and it really made me think about the old times and the huge role that AJ played in my life. I was probably proud of this drawing at the time when I made this but I realize now that it's bad lol


Also I changed something with this blog that hasn't been changed since I made it - 500 internet points to whoever can figurr out what it is first

And go check out new drop's new blog, it's like mine but good

Monday, July 18, 2016

Not that anyone cares but I updated my movie reviews blog

Here is the link

Might make a slightly less terrible one for anime if more than one person asks for it

Also my mane is Jammer72glw now lol

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My half return

Still can't do much but I can reply to comments again... For now. Feel free to ask me anything

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Further Truth

While I still can't do anything comment related, there's something else I need to say

PTSD or something has caused me to lose some of my sanity. I have some other stuff going on too which took away even more of my last remaining sanity pounts. I only have about 17 sanity credits left which isn't much. So what does this mean? I just need some time away from the computer, and life in general. Some day when I'm all healed up or whatever, I will return and publish and reply to all of the comments I've been getting. I'm sorry sugar lemon hugs : (
I wish I never had to leave in the first place but stuff happens. Please be patient


Friday, June 3, 2016

While we wait for me to fix this stuff...

I can't post comments right now for my own reasons, but I'm still able to read them and will reply to all the ones that need replying to when I get this sorted out. So in the meantime, I had some ideas for this blog. Since I obviously can't play AJ anymore and I don't want this blog to die but still have mixed feelings about adding authors, I was thinking I could use this space for thought dumps. I pretty much used to do that already, but I want to post thought dumps/rants about non-AJ related things. I'm not really afraid to share my controversial opinions so... yeah
Since these won't be AJ stuffs, it might be a better idea to make a new blog for that, but... nah lol
You can request topics and stuff if you want. But before I even decide if I'm going to do that yet, I've been working on a huge post that will be just a huge wall of text with a few pictures. It might contain more words than any of my posts combined. Probably not, but that should give you an idea on how big the post could end up being. It's kinda like my entire life's story. All 7 (almost 8) years of my life. I highly doubt anyone's going to care enough to read a dictionary sized page about my sad life lol so I'd like to know your thoughts on how I should go about doing it. Do you think I should split it up into ~10 posts, or should I fit it all into one post but split it into chapters? Or just do it however the squiddin sugar hugs I want? Would anyone even read a post like that regardless of how I made it? It's kinda like a huge thought dump where I talk about all kinds of things. I don't know what else to post here so >:(

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Comments Error

For right now I can't publish comments. I'm not ded, donut worry
When this is fixed I'll publish all of them

Monday, May 23, 2016

Headdress Mini Rant

A while ago I saw a post on Animal Jam Whip, the blog you should probably be viewing instead of this one because one is bad and kinda ded

I'm not a fan of stealing/using other people's pictures without permission unless they are stock images so I'll just link to the post

The post has an image taken form the Daily Explorer comments. Someone asks why headdresses were "discontinued" ("discontinued" meaning they will never be in stores again)

AJHQ replies with "They were discontinued out of respect for some cultural groups"

Hey, for once AJHQ actually read and replied to a comment WITHOUT giving an automated and useless response! And the one time they do that, it makes no sense whatsoever

Just a warning, I may or may not be an idiot in this subject. These are just my thoughts from my point of view

I just don't understand how keeping them in the game but making them never available again shows respect. I get what they were going for, but that is not the way to go about doing it. I'm assuming someone out there found them to be offensive because of their culture or something. I don't think having an item like that could be considered offensive at all but I don't know what goes on in other people's minds. If anything I'd find it honorable. But maybe AJHQ got some cultural details wrong on them or something, I don't know. I do like how AJHQ decided to do something about this. But the way they did it makes no sense to me. They made it so headdresses are just like Special Items. They are no longer available in adventures and will never be for sale again. If I was one of those people who found Headdresses to be offensive or whatever, this wouldn't satisfy me at all. They are still in the game and all this is doing is turning headdresses into Aldan bait. People will legitimately fight over these. People will scam and hack other to get their grubby little hands on one of these. AJ doesn't seem to realize that making items never come back is only hurting this game. The reasons forever-rare items work in Club Penguin is because trading doesn't exist. Even if you hack someone in Club Penguin, the worst they can do is get you banned for a few hours. They can't steal any of your items. But in AJ, you have the ability to trade and send gifts. This gives people a reason to hack other people's accounts. I'm not saying they should remove trading. They just need to realize that it's good for the game if everything comes back eventually, even if it's only through things like adventures or contests. My point is, leaving these items in the game but making them completely unavailable so people will fight over them is quite the opposite of "respect"

In the comments of one of my last posts, someone suggested that they should remove headdresses completely but replace then with another cool item. In other words, people who own headdresses will have theirs swapped with a new item. This way, headdress owners can still pretend like they are rare (let's face it headdresses are more common than spiked collars now LOL) and headdresses can be removed out of "respect"

While sor tof on the topic of forever-rares, here are some suggestions on how to make them come back without ruining their value too much. I've posted some of these before but too bad

Items like beta hoods, beta eyes, beta creature masks, and beta elf helmets could be given out to contest winners or news crew winners. Each winner would only get one super rare at random, along with the news crew plaque

Glitched items like magenta furries, glitched lights, glitched yeti, and glitched antlers could all be for sale at a new Glitch Party that's only there for a limited time, OR they could be given to people who report bugs

While I don't think birthday cakes and new years items should come back, maybe they could be rereleased for AJ's 10th bday but be really expensive

I don't think founders' hats should come back either, but they could give them to people who beta test their other games, such as Play Wild or Tunnel Town (I know those games already have "founders" items ((at least Tunnel Town does)) but still)

And as for non glitched or "special" items like gloss wings(?) and headdresses, they should just be extremely rare prizes in The Forgotten Desert, OR a new and very difficult to finish adventure