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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Heart Chocolates and Flag

Today's new items are Heart Chocolates and the Bosnia and Herzegovina flag.

The Heart Chocolates can be found in Jam Mart Furniture:

Here is its icon

The Bosnia and Herzegovina flag can be found in the Flag Shop, on the last page of the catalog:


  1. Yay! Finally something for non-members!

  2. awww i owned heart chocalates since like november and now there back

  3. YEAH! first comment!

  4. how do you take a picture for a blog on the screen!? please let me know your my friend so you can maybe tell me

    1. It depends on what type of computer you have.

  5. witch hat bunny or LoveLost i swithed my account to CLEARQUALITY plz add me again not cause of your arae and blog its because your a nice great awesome person and this is the only thing i can say to you for all your journeys *GOOD LUCK* remember username swithced to CLEARQUALITY i added you plz accept this is not a hack this is true CONTROLEYE

  6. Cool blog i luv it oh and.......First Comment!

  7. Hey lovelost!! Thx for adding me on aj. You're very nice!

  8. Love lost, I'm not quitting my blog because of you. Will you please make that special post for me?

  9. Cool! I still have to get enough money to get some choclate! xD And can you add me please im a really big fan of your blog... -Scooter7722

  10. cool ! can you eat them ? i can open mine up but i can't eat them

  11. i have something to say..Did U know that Evillou was an AJ HQ worker?Its suprising....Horseyhorse told me! ~OakPelt

  12. I am the I like trains kidFebruary 12, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    I like trains!!! *everybody gets run over by train again*


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