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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Gift


This item IS a monthly gift! Confirmation:

Not everyone got it yet. Only brand new members got one so far. Don't fear; all members should be getting one soon!

(Thanks to "angelfang" for the pictures ;) )

Apparently the next daily gift (or possibly monthly gift) has been revealed. Some jammers already have this item. It looks like some type of party hat for new years.

EDIT: We now have pictures! The item is called New Year's Party Hat. Here is its icon:

It shows that it is a member only item. That gives it more chance of being the next monthly gift.

Here is what it looks like on a bunny's player card (I left out the username for privacy reasons):

The question is, where are people getting these hats?

Gift 17

Gift 17 only comes in one color.

Oddly, it's considered a "Leg item". It seems to just stick on a wolf's side. Here's what it looks like on a bunny:

And here's a picture of its icon:

It can be recyled for 120 gems. I wonder if these purses come in different shapes, rather than colors...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Gift 16

Gift 16 is a very cool land clothing item! Even better, it's for ALL players!

<div id="image-hover">
<div id='figure'>
<img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_4YkGjygMrE/Tv1lJ7ETHUI/AAAAAAAAED8/hTMOLctsNqs/s1600/screenshot_41.png"/>
<span class='caption'>
<b>Bow And Arrows</b>
It's a back item, and they come in many colors. Here are the colors I have pictures of so far:


I will be updating the pages, layout, and more of this blog.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gift 15

It looks like AJ HQ didn't keep their promise again... Well, here's the next gift:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New code

There's a new code for 500 gems - Jamaalidays

This is a short post, so I'll put some random stuff here:

Horses should be coming out tomorrow (Thursday). Though, it's possible that AJ HQ will wait until the 31st. Top hats will most likely be coming out back soon. There's no proof that that is true, but don't top hats seem a bit like a "party item"? They are big and colorful and stuff...

Gift 14

Gift 14 is something that didn't appear in the Jamaaliday Jam party. It's pretty small, but it's cute.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clearance (And quitting)

Time is running out to get Jamaaliday items. Pretty soon they will all be out of stores and become rare again. Check these posts to find where all the Jamaaliday items are:

Jamaaliday Part 2
Monthly Gift and More

The Jamaaliday Jam party will probably no longer be available to go to. Also, reindeer will no longer be available pets, so you should get yours soon.

And yes, there are rumors that I am quitting in February. Well, the rumors are true. Though I may change my mind, who knows? And please don't ask me for my rare items.

Horses should be coming soon (Thursday the 29th).


Gift 13

It seems AJ HQ will be giving gifts until New Years.  I can maybe get that candy fire I wanted!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Gift 12

It looks like Gift 11 was not the last gift. Maybe AJ will give us gifts until new years (December 31st - January 1st)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gift 11

This will probably be the last gift. Happy Jamaalidays everyone!

Of all the 11 gifts, what was you favorite? Mine is probably the mini gingerbread house.

Trading problems

This isn't necessarily news, but more of a notice.

Since I got my Top Hat item, I've been begged a lot for it. I love to wear it (not because it is rare, but because I just like top hats). But I can't wear it without being asked or begged for it. Recently, people have been saying things like "trade me the top hat or I report you" and "gimme it it's the holidays". I work hard to get my "rare" items. And there are certain things I want to trade the top hat for. Here is a lost of things I want for my top hat.

• Pilgrim hat (any color)
• NM/Scary bat wings
• Another color top hat (not pink, not yellow/founder's, and not freedom hat/red white and blue)
• Viking hat (not grey/regular, not black)

And that's pretty much it. There are some items that I still will accept that I didn't list.

I know some Jammers will say "that's not a good trade" or "that's not worth it" and stuff like that. No one said you have to trade with  me. If you don't like my offers, you can simply say "no".

Sorry I had to post this. Beggars have just been making AJ less fun, especially when I got yelled at for not accepting a trade. I just had to clear some things up.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Gift 9 Update

It turns out, Gift 9 was supposed to be for everyone. AJ sent out a message (I wasn't online when this happened) saying...

Phantoms have placed a lock on today's gift! AJ HQ is on the case!

Now, the Anemone Head Bows are available for all players!

Gift 9

This gift is actually a members item. It's an underwater clothing item, and it comes in many different colors. Here's the one I got:

Soon I'll post all of the different colors here. Here's the pictures I have so far:

Sizzlerat Sightings

Not too long ago, horseyhorse told me that she recently was sizzlerat. We though sizzlerat quit or something, but really, she is just staying hidden. Much like AJ Guides (GuideBunny, etc.) don't show up when you try to search for them, you can't search for sizzlerat either. There is one guide (GuideKit) who actually does show up when you search for them. My guess is that he is a fired guide.

Anyway, horseyhorse saw sizzlerat with some weird new items, pets, and features. Unfortunately, we don't have pictures.
Here's what I remember (horeseyhorse, correct me if I'm wrong please)

• She has blue Elf Tail Armor
• A bigger lion mane
• Legs with more fur on them
• New den items (I wasn't told anything in specific)

New Pet:
• Snake pet

New Feature:
• Picture emoticons in the chat box

sizzlerat said "testing testing". In the top right corner of the speech bubble, was a smaller version of the smile emoticon.

The last time I saw sizzlerat (about a month ago), she was using the "joy" emote over and over again.

What do you think?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift 8

Gift 8 is something most of us have really wanted - the fireplace!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift 7

All of the gifts so far (other than the gems) can be "recyled" for 1 gem. Anyway, here's the 7th gift:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift 6

Well, I'm out of stuff to say. :l

Snowy Blog

If you didn't notice already, AJF has started to snow.

I understand that a lot of AJ bloggers want to get snow on their blog too. Well, here's how to make your blog snow.
(This guide uses the new Blogger layout.)

Make sure you are on your blog and singed in to your Google/Blogger account. First, click 'Design' in the top-right corner.

Now on the left side of the page, find this and click "Layout"

Find somewhere on the page (it doesn't matter where) with a box that looks like this:

Click that and a new window/tab will open up. Scroll down and find this:

Click the blue +.

You should get this:

Leave the title blank, and copy and paste this code into the "Content" box:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://files.main.bloggerstop.net/uploads/3/0/2/5/3025338/snowstorm.js" /></script>

Click SAVE and you're done.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want to get even more snow. I did this 3 times.

And I know everyone is probably bored of the phantom background. Please give me your ideas on what I should change it to.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift 5

Again, the gift today is from the Jamaaliday Jam party. Maybe we will get a candy campfire soon?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Present 4

The gifts we've been getting (other than the 200 gems gift) were all items from the Jamaaliday Jam party.

Today's gift...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Multiplayer Game Update

First, thanks to GreenFun for finding this. You can read GreenFun's post here.

Now, when you try to play most multiplayer games (Fruit Slinger, Gem Breaker, River Race, etc.) You will get this "message"

Now you can easily choose to play by yourself or with others.

Present 3

No matter what gift you choose, you will get the same prize as everyone else. Every day there is a different prize.

Today's prize...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Annoying Glitches and Buddies

First of all, I always get a ton of buddy requests. It seems no one read my page called Buddy Rules *UPDATE*...
So I've edited the page and changed its name. So if you want to be my buddy, click here.

Anyway, I've been experiencing some annoying glitches lately. The buddy list glitch happened to me months ago, but I've been asked a few times to make a post about it. Basically, when I try to open my buddy list sometimes, this happens:

My buddy list is invisible! No matter how many times I close and open my buddy list again, it remains invisible. The only way to solve this is to refresh. Sometimes you have to refresh a few times to get it working again...

The other one is even more annoying. Sometimes when I try to leave a room, this happens:

Here is what happens:
Everyone in the room (even myself) disappear.
The spinny circle thing wont stop spinning
The music continues to play
And it never loads

Again, you have to refresh to fix this... Are these happening to you too, or is it just my low-quality computer?

Gift 2

Unfortunately, if you miss a day, you can not get that day's gift.

Today's gift is...

What do you think tomorrow's gift will be?

Thursday, December 15, 2011


As I said in an earlier post, this post will tell you all about AJ's newest feature - parties.

First, look in the top left corner and click on this:

A menu that looks like this should show up:
You can't get into a party room unless it has a button like this:

(or this)

Click Go Now! to get into the party.
There are two party rooms.
The first one is a different version of Club Geoz.

It looks like this:

There are two shops here. To open the first shop, click this:

Here is what they sell:

You can already buy these items in Jam Mart Furniture though.

The other shop can be found by clicking here:

They sell new Den Music here:

You can also click the neon phantom for a glow stick.

The other party room is an extended version of the gingerbread house den.

In the back are some icy slides. 

Find the "Take one" candy bowl, click it, and you will get a candy cane:

The candy cane you get changes every time.

Click on the candy camp fire for S'mores:

There is one shop here. Click the big carriage to open the shop:

Here's what they are selling:

A new Paw Candy decoration for your walls!

You can also just sit and stare at the snowman in the background...

Which party room do you like better?