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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Den Glitch!

Heya Jammers! While editing my den, I noticed a new minor glitch!
You know how it tells you your location in the top right corner? Well, visit someone's den (even your own den), and look at your location!
(click the image to enlarge it)

As you can see, I'm at my own den, but the location says "Sarepia Forest"!
It appears, that it shows the place you last visited.

It's just a little bug that I've found. This glitch may not work for everyone.

Even more new items!

Check the shop at Coral Canyons! There, is two more new items!
The "Large Planter" and "Fire Pit"! :D

New Plushie!

Hey Jammers! Today, I was playing The Claw, and look at what I got!
A Koala Plushie! Epic! :D
I haven't gotten a Seal Plushie yet though. If I find one, I'll make a new post! Cya~

More new items!

Hiya Jammers! Today, AJ released some new cool items! First off, here is what is new in the Jam Mart Clothing:
The first item, is called the "Mohawk", and the second item is called the "King's Crown"!
Next, the Mt. Shiveer Shoppe (Hot Cocoa Hut)'s new Item: 
It's called the "Knitted Hat"! 
There is also some more new Den Items!
Here they are:
The first item, is called the "Shoji Screen", the second is called "Fancy Table", the third is the "Candelabrum", fourth is "Dinner Booth", fifth is the "Microphone", and last is the "Drum Set"!
Also, there is a brand new den! It is a restaurant den!
Lastly, check out the new item in the Temple of Knowledge: 
Coolness! A Wishing Well! ^^
All these new items seem to be Members Only items, except for the Shoji Board. D: 
Well, Cya later! :3

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gloves to be coming back?

I think, that the Glove items will be coming back to AJ! If you go to Jam Mart Clothing, you may see that Purple ? icon. If you click it, it will ask you to write in to AJ, and request items for the shop! About 80% of Jamaa    
said they wanted Gloves to be in the shop! Due to its popularity, AJ will most likely be brought back! Pretty cool! :D

Take note, that this does NOT mean for sure, that Gloves are coming back. They are most likely coming back, but not for sure!


Friday, April 15, 2011

TONS of new stuff!

WOW! There is TONS of new stuff on AJ!~
Even... A NEW ANIMAL! You can now play as Elephants!

Pretty cool, huh? These new elephants are for Members only. They hold some Neck Items on their tusks! They even hold Balloons with their trunks! Cool!
Check out the new Emoticons! The new emoticons are also Members only.

They are new animated emoticons! SWEET!

You may also want to check out your map! There is a new place to explore! New shops too!
It is called the "Appondale"!
There is a mud puddle here, which can get your animal all muddy!

There is a new shop here too!
It only contains Members only items!
If you are wondering what is in this new shop, scroll down!

Giant Plushies! But wait! There is even more new stuff! In the Township Clothes store:
The return of the Chicken and Bunny Hats! Epic! 
In the furniture shop:
Coolness! New disco stuff for your den! 

Something else new, is some items in shops now have a "Clearance" sign on them:
I guess you should buy these things fast! They will become rare!
A new game has also been released! It is called "Pest Control", and is found in the Appondale!~
Please let me know what new things you like the most! 
Jam on!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Before I start giving news and such, I will be creating pages to help out Jammers in need! I have already made a page, featuring codes! Be sure to check it out! I will be making pages on the Trading System, your player and how to control it, and other stuff, like tips! Cya!~ ^^


Welcome to the new Animal Jam blog! If you care to add me on AJ, my user name is "Mayksufi"! :3 I'll be posting a lot of updates, cheats, glitches, secrets, and more! ^^