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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Den Glitch!

Heya Jammers! While editing my den, I noticed a new minor glitch!
You know how it tells you your location in the top right corner? Well, visit someone's den (even your own den), and look at your location!
(click the image to enlarge it)

As you can see, I'm at my own den, but the location says "Sarepia Forest"!
It appears, that it shows the place you last visited.

It's just a little bug that I've found. This glitch may not work for everyone.


  1. I mostly get "Juice Hut", even if I wasn't AT the hut beforehand... O_O'

  2. It probobly happened to me I just didn't notice! xD

  3. That happened to me, it was very annoying, but funny at the same time.

  4. never happend or maybe it did idk! XD

  5. ok? fun and funny ;] lol how do you do it


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