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Thursday, April 28, 2011

More new items!

Hiya Jammers! Today, AJ released some new cool items! First off, here is what is new in the Jam Mart Clothing:
The first item, is called the "Mohawk", and the second item is called the "King's Crown"!
Next, the Mt. Shiveer Shoppe (Hot Cocoa Hut)'s new Item: 
It's called the "Knitted Hat"! 
There is also some more new Den Items!
Here they are:
The first item, is called the "Shoji Screen", the second is called "Fancy Table", the third is the "Candelabrum", fourth is "Dinner Booth", fifth is the "Microphone", and last is the "Drum Set"!
Also, there is a brand new den! It is a restaurant den!
Lastly, check out the new item in the Temple of Knowledge: 
Coolness! A Wishing Well! ^^
All these new items seem to be Members Only items, except for the Shoji Board. D: 
Well, Cya later! :3


  1. The restaurant is awesome! I haven't seen a well before, maybe I'll get one.

  2. yeah the restaurant is cool too bad i can't get it but that's OK at least i got a den :p hehe

  3. I have a restaurant den! It's prettty cool if you get the dining table and candles.

  4. HpForever-
    I have one too! I used to have some awesome restaurant, but I had to put away all of my restaurant furniture because I needed some more inventory space... And I never really used it anymore anyway, so I just got rid of everything.

  5. What are anchor texts? And why do they take you to different places?


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