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Friday, April 15, 2011

TONS of new stuff!

WOW! There is TONS of new stuff on AJ!~
Even... A NEW ANIMAL! You can now play as Elephants!

Pretty cool, huh? These new elephants are for Members only. They hold some Neck Items on their tusks! They even hold Balloons with their trunks! Cool!
Check out the new Emoticons! The new emoticons are also Members only.

They are new animated emoticons! SWEET!

You may also want to check out your map! There is a new place to explore! New shops too!
It is called the "Appondale"!
There is a mud puddle here, which can get your animal all muddy!

There is a new shop here too!
It only contains Members only items!
If you are wondering what is in this new shop, scroll down!

Giant Plushies! But wait! There is even more new stuff! In the Township Clothes store:
The return of the Chicken and Bunny Hats! Epic! 
In the furniture shop:
Coolness! New disco stuff for your den! 

Something else new, is some items in shops now have a "Clearance" sign on them:
I guess you should buy these things fast! They will become rare!
A new game has also been released! It is called "Pest Control", and is found in the Appondale!~
Please let me know what new things you like the most! 
Jam on!


  1. i love all the things!

  2. i wonder if animal jam will ever get Zebras for animals.

    1. OMG
      i think i can read your mind.

  3. animal jam needs zebras for non members

  4. what was the item that had the clearence sign royal cape?

    1. you posted that on my birthday :T

  5. I like the new Bunny Hat most. LOL This comment is way late but I was just rereading your older posts and thought I would post a comment Hehe

    1. I know right the bill hates hat is back!!!!!!

  6. Oh I remember those times... so long ago well *sigh* i guess i have to move on -.- i loved those days exept that elephants were not for non members XD wow that was SOOOOOOOOOOOO long ago So much has happend sunce then... BY THE WAY PPL WHO ARE ASKING ABOUT ZEBRAS HORSES CAN BE ZEBRAS!Oh wait they wernt out XD

  7. Me too. I miss old times! Sigh...
    PS: Why is there a yellow line around the comment box?

  8. I am a memeber it's SO great I have a rare golden AND a white 1 anyone want to trade? Hope so I WANT A SPIKE COALLR PLEASE I NEED 1 my user is JessieBoy I am awesome XD

  9. WHEREISMYTOILETPAPERApril 29, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    People, you know that star sunglasses are now rare! CREEPY! Those things are OLD!!!!!

  10. I once got a spike out of a red panda plushie and I also got a bow from two rare Mondays and a non rare worn. ; D

  11. I miss these days :(

  12. Welcome to the post that inspired the 2015 Daily Explorer authors!! We sell popcorn!!!

  13. CosmicCheetah AJ / Cosmic_HeartFebruary 6, 2016 at 7:51 PM

    Wow Mel. You are a lot like the DE authors in 2011 \^O^/ And you used labels? Cool


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