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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The daily loading fail!

Every day, around the same time, when I try to log into AJ... It doesn't load! All I get is this screen:
All it says is "Loading Animals"... The screen just stays like that... It never finishes loading, so therefore I can't play. My friends seem to have the same problem! I tried restarting my computer, I tried clearing my cache, I did everything... But no luck! Then, after an hour or two, it lets me on! When I get on, all of the servers are empty! Does anyone have an idea on what's up? They could be just fixing bugs... That is my best guess. Are you having this same problem? D:

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Party!!!!! [over]

The party was fun!
We started out in the Juice Hut!

It was fun! Everyone was winning Seal Plushies! I even got one! :D

After we rocked out there, we went to my den!
We were on the top floor! Hehe~ :D

We even played a game of Hide n' Seek! I was hiding here:
I had a great time! :D It was very fun! Thanks for coming!

Seal Plushies!

A new plushie has been spotted in The Claw!
I can't seem to win one myself, but my good friend Grand Futurewolf told me about them! I found this one in someone's trade list! I spent all of my gems trying to get one... It seems to be harder to get than a Koala Plushie! Did you get one yet?

New Stuffffffffffffffffffffffff! :D

Jammers! New stuff has come out! :D

First, when you are selecting a server...

Cool! You can help name servers now!
There is also a new Jamaa Journal!

Now for den and clothing...

In the Jam Mart Clothing...

Cat Hats and Leis are BACKKKKKKK!!!!! I personally LOVE the Cat Hats!

In the Hot Cocoa Hut...

Snow Shoes! I think they are cute~

In the Jam Mart Furniture...

New Swimming Pool and Elephant Shoji Screen! Also:

Wall and flooring for Coral Canyons!

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

 More game machines! Sky High and Wind Rider! :D

In the Coral Canyons Shop...

Porch Swing and Rose Bush!

In the Animal Museum...

New Animal Banners!

Last but not least...

A NEW GAME!!!!!!!!!!! It is in the Appondale! It is called "Fruit Slinger"

Cya at the party later!

Friday, May 27, 2011


A new Jamaa Journal (newspaper) is supposed to come out every two weeks. The last one came out on the 12th, along with Fox Hats, nametags, and stuff... So... The new newspaper should have came out... On the 24th!  Interesting...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey Jammers! I'm having my first AJF party! To celebrate 1,000 views! Here are the details!

Saturday 28th 
Server: DRAA
Room: Captain Melville's Juice Hut
Time: 6:00PM EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Any questions? Post you question in the comments! (If any) 

I will also be giving a free Fox Hat to everyone that comes! 
(If you have membership, I can send it to you. If you do not have membership, I will have to give you the Fox Hat thru trading. I will accept all trades for the Fox Hats! If you do not want the Fox Hat, you do not have to accept it.)

I'd also like to thank the two Jammers who have helped me the most with this blog!

DoomDesire and gjr888! 
They are very nice Jammers! Little Rainycloud belongs to DoomDesire, and Grand Futurewolf belongs to  gjr888!
Thanks for the support guys! :D
I'm looking forward to this party! Are you!?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Legendary Glove!

Today, when I logged in, I saw something cool! I had a new Jam-a-gram! It was from AJ HQ! There was a present attached to it...
A... LEGENDARY GLOVE!? Awesome! Here is what the Jam-a-gram looked like...
                                                               (click to enlarge)
Did you get this message too? :D
These gloves come in a variety of colours! And there is other kinds of gloves too! Mummy gloves,  lava gloves, and dragon gloves too! Which kind did you get?

Friday, May 20, 2011

100 den items? D:

Hey! You know how you can now have up to 200 den items? Well, while editing my den, i discovered that you can only place 100 of those items! Look:

Well, it seems that you can only place up to 100 items in each den~ D:
Bye! (Hehe, and sorry if you are confused...)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New codes!

Hey! There is two new codes out! :D
They each give 1,000 gems!
They are:

Enjoy your new 2,000 gems! :D

Friday, May 13, 2011

200 den items!

Guess what? You can now have up to 200 den items!! :D

Tee hee, just a quick little post~

Fox Hats Return!

:D Guess what? There is more new stuff in the shops! And even the return of my favorite items! FOX HATS!
In the Jam Mart Clothing:
A new Firemen Hat! Also the grand return of the Fox hats! :D

In the Furniture Store:

New Flat Couch and Picnic Blanket! :3 Also a new den floor!

In the Hot Cocoa Hut:
These Old Blankets and Old Hoods are not new items, but they now come in this new color! (I think... XD)

And in the Tower of Trivia place, we have:

Game Machines for Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter! What do you do with these machines? Well, if you buy them, you can play them at your den! ^^

In the Animal Museum:

Cool new animal banners!

That's it for new items!

But... If you are a member, you can customize your name!

To do so, click your animal's name at the top of your animal menu thingy:
Now, you should get this screen:     

:D  made my name Pink, with a Phantom Icon! ^^

It seems that non~members can only get the Fox Hat, and the new Old Hoods and Old Blankets... ^^'
Everything else is for members only...

That's it for now! Bye!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another bug? And a special thanks!

Hi hi Jammers~
Today, while logging in to AJ... Everything was loading perfectly! Until something happened...
It started loading Jamaa Township... But look! It started to un-load? o_o
Hm... Now an un-loading bug? It then stopped loading, and I had to refresh the page... D:

And sometime eventually, I will make a post about the "Glitch Level" that I played in Gem Breaker a few times!

But enough about glitches... XD

 But thanks to my good friend DoomDesire... I got a Kitty Hat! :D

I love being a kitty! :D

Sorry, but still no news round AJ~ ^^'
But when I find something new, I'll let you know!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Glitch Pictures...

Hey Jammers~
As I was playing AJ today, I saw some odd glitches! I was playing a game of Four Gem with my buddy, and noticed that her username wasn't as it was supposed to be... Here is what it looked like:
Hmm... Her username appeared to be "Princess Yellowmountain"... Her real username isn't even close to that! I also had a glitch, when I tried to switch my animals. All my animals appeared as "Princess Orangemountain"... Unfortunately, I had lost the picture I took of it... D:
I even checked, and it isn't possible to have an animal named either of those! Yes, you are allowed to use "Princess" as part of your animal's name, but not "orange", "yellow", or "mountain"... Maybe these were possible names, but were taking out of the game... Hm...

Also, I saw my buddy walking on the sky in my own den!
My friend saw her there too! Odd...

Hmm... AJ has been kinda glitchy lately! D: I hope they fix all of these glitches soon!
Bye bye!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Secret Color!

Hey Jammers! Since there hasn't anything new around Jamaa lately, I thought I would post this!
There is a secret color for your animal! It is a raspberry color! Here is what this color looks like:

Do you want to know how to get this color?
I will show you how! ^^

First, you have open up the menu where you can change your animal's color and dress your animal. Now, look at the color pallet.

Now, click right next to the brighter green color...

If you click in the right spot, your animal will turn raspberry! This color secret also works with Color 2, eyes, and patterns! Pretty cool, huh?
Incase you didn't notice, my animal (Blossom Berryflower)'s pattern color is the secret color~ :D

I'm not the best at explaining things, so if you didn't understand this, it's my fault~ ^^'

It is also unknown, if this color is meant to be a "secret color", or it is a glitch color... Maybe it was removed from the beta version, before the beta testers came? Let me know what you think~ ^^