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Friday, May 13, 2011

Fox Hats Return!

:D Guess what? There is more new stuff in the shops! And even the return of my favorite items! FOX HATS!
In the Jam Mart Clothing:
A new Firemen Hat! Also the grand return of the Fox hats! :D

In the Furniture Store:

New Flat Couch and Picnic Blanket! :3 Also a new den floor!

In the Hot Cocoa Hut:
These Old Blankets and Old Hoods are not new items, but they now come in this new color! (I think... XD)

And in the Tower of Trivia place, we have:

Game Machines for Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter! What do you do with these machines? Well, if you buy them, you can play them at your den! ^^

In the Animal Museum:

Cool new animal banners!

That's it for new items!

But... If you are a member, you can customize your name!

To do so, click your animal's name at the top of your animal menu thingy:
Now, you should get this screen:     

:D  made my name Pink, with a Phantom Icon! ^^

It seems that non~members can only get the Fox Hat, and the new Old Hoods and Old Blankets... ^^'
Everything else is for members only...

That's it for now! Bye!


  1. Coolio!

  2. 2nd comment!!! HA!


  3. who dos not love a good old fox hat? pippiflowergirl11 of aj

  4. last comment i bet!

  5. nope i might be last commentXD.....
    my favorite item is the leaf necklace.

    for those of u who were members during the beta times, i was too!! :) those times...... the leaf necklace was about as rare as a tiara today. so, of course,i was like 8 then and only bought 1. all my beta rares i bought. IF U WERE HERE IN BETA TIMES..... YAY US!

  6. my fav item on aj is my rare purple bow & arrow and my user is happyblueme428 buddie meh i rare


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