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Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Stuffffffffffffffffffffffff! :D

Jammers! New stuff has come out! :D

First, when you are selecting a server...

Cool! You can help name servers now!
There is also a new Jamaa Journal!

Now for den and clothing...

In the Jam Mart Clothing...

Cat Hats and Leis are BACKKKKKKK!!!!! I personally LOVE the Cat Hats!

In the Hot Cocoa Hut...

Snow Shoes! I think they are cute~

In the Jam Mart Furniture...

New Swimming Pool and Elephant Shoji Screen! Also:

Wall and flooring for Coral Canyons!

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

 More game machines! Sky High and Wind Rider! :D

In the Coral Canyons Shop...

Porch Swing and Rose Bush!

In the Animal Museum...

New Animal Banners!

Last but not least...

A NEW GAME!!!!!!!!!!! It is in the Appondale! It is called "Fruit Slinger"

Cya at the party later!


  1. Cool. i wish they made black leis. Fruit slinger is fun! It is also a 2 player game..

  2. Omg, black leis? That's a great idea! I wish that there was Black and White fox hats..

  3. now they have diffrent collors on most items

  4. Ione of my servers got chosen. it was the belaya server i made up . i am soo ahpy they chose my server!

  5. Nice DSi snow shoes picture r they unrelease glitch snow shoes?11111??????


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