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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monthly Gift?

Now, every month, AJ HQ is supposed to get a special gift. Well, it turns out, it isn't every month! Where is our Monthly Gift from June? The last one came on May 25th. And as stated in this issue of the Jamaa Journal, it says:
"MONTHLY ANIMAL JAM THANK YOU GIFT! The next HQ thank you gift will arrive on July 1st, so be sure to check your Jam-A-Grams!"
So, this gift that arrive tomorrow, should have been in June, NOT July! Does this mean that we get TWO HQ gifts in July, or Animal Jam just needs to get their dates right?
Hm... I guess since it comes o the first of July, it is close enough to June... But still, they said it would be monthly!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short Update?

I was in the Township, when I got this message:
In case you can't read what it said in the picture, it said:
"Animal Jam will be closing for a short update in 5 minutes."
Hm... And update? I wonder what this update will be! Then, 4 minutes later, I got this message:
It is the same message as I got four minutes ago, but it says "1 minutes" instead of "5 minutes".
After one minute had past, I got this:
It said:
"You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!"
And I tried logging back in, and I got this screen:
It said "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Animal Jam is currently offline. Please check back soon!"
Did the same thing happen to you?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pet Page Done... *UPDATE*

Update #1
I have updated the page, detailing how to release your pet. There will be more on the page later!

Update #2
I have updated the page once more, now with every place pets can be purchased. Please let me know if I missed anything on the page!

Original Post: 

I finally finished the page of some of the basics on Pets. It isn't in great detail, and isn't the best guide, but still, if you would like to check it out, click here.

Also, my good friend DoomDesire will also be posting on AJF! She is very nice, and is super fun to be with!

I will update the pet page later, cya!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Appondale Bug

Today, when I tried to get to Appondale using the map, so I could play Fruit Slinger to get some gems, I was brought right to the Pet Shop!
But why was I brought to the pet shop rather than the Appondale? :l

And yes, I like to post about everything that happens to me in Animal Jam... :P

Friday, June 24, 2011

Elephant Plushie!

Hey! I was playing The Claw, and I found a new plushie! The Elephant Plushie!
But... Its name (Elephant Plushie) didn't show up! It was blank!

I wanted to see how much I could sell it for (although I already know that each plushie sells for 15 Gems), I was surprised to see that you can sell these for a different amount of gems!
1 gem!? Just 1 gem!? Hm... Why is it only 1 gem, while all of the others are 15? Also, I saw someone had one on their trade list... But their plushie was labeled "Mask"... There is an item called Mask, but it certainly doesn't look like an elephant!

Here is what it looks like in my den:
But what I found odd, is that I got this on my first try at the claw... As soon as I walked into the juice hut, I played the claw... And I like instantly won this glitch elephant! I don't even know if I was charged 5 gems! Did you get one yet? :D

Pets now available throughout Jamaa! *UPDATE*


Hey Jammers! There has been a huge crowd at Appondale, and the pet shop... Everyone was angry that they couldn't get in to the shop... But now...
Yay, now you can buy pets from more places than just the pet shop!

In Crystal Sands:
Duck and kitten shops!
In The Lost Temple Of Zios:

Duck and Frog shops!

In Sarepia Forest:
Puppy shop!
In Coral Canyons:
Frog shop!

(Thanks, DoomDesire)


Pets are finally out!

But first, here are the new items!

In Jam Mart Clothing:
Very old items, the Freedom Hat and Freedom Cape! And both are available to all players!

In Jam Mart Furniture:
Firework Tower and Koi Pond! :DDD

In the Flag Shop:

New flags!

And that's all the clothing and den items...


There are some new emoticons! These new emoticons are for members only.
The new emotes:
Breaking Heart
Love Sick

Also, there is a new Action!

You can now sit down! Here is what my wolf looks like sitting down:
Also there is a new Jam-A-Gram to send to your buddies!
Cool eh? It's about the pet shop!

And finally, the Pet Shop!
To get to the pet shop, go to the Appondale, and enter the tree!
Go ahead and explore it!
Here is my pet! Her name is Mirrorsky!
Pets are for members only though... D:
That's it for now!

Quick Question... *UPDATE*

Update #1
Thanks to Princess Tiny Wolf, I now know that this item is called a 'Skully'! And these were beta items that were removed from the final version.

Original post:

Lol, I know I have already made like 5 posts today, but... I was looking though some beta videos, and in Jam Mart Clothing, I saw this item...
I have never seen this item before! It was only 10 gems, making them the cheapest item (not including plushies). It appears to be some type of skull ring or bracelet. Have you seen this item before? Ever? Even just once? Even if it was just in the shop and you didn't buy it? Even if someone else had one? Have you seen this anywhere before? ANYWHERE? Has it even ever been released? Does it even exist? Maybe it was just a test item? If it was though, why would it be purchasable and look like this? What is it? Is it even a real picture? WHAT IS IT!? Sorry about all of the... 14 questions I just asked... :l
But really, what is it? (Okay, 15  questions...)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Check out my new friends's blogs!

cooooolguy's blog
Menifrost's blog

They are both awesome! :D

Crystal Sands Shop? *UPDATE*

I have found two locations where the could be a shop:

Original post:

Now that the Flag Shop has been opened in Sarepia Forest, that means... There is a shop in every area but not Crystal Sands!
Jamaa Township: Jam Mart Clothing, Jam Mart Furniture
Appondale: Animal Museum Shop
Coral Canyons: Coral Corner
Mt. Shiveer: Shiveer Shoppe
Sarepia Forest: Flag Shop
Lost Temple of Zios: Mystery Emporium

But Crystal Sand doesn't have any shop! Does that mean the pet shop will be in Crystal Sands, or perhaps a different new shop? Probably not, but maybe! What do you think? Will there be a new shop here?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Party 2!

Well, I'm having another party... This time, on July 9th! It will be at 6:00PM (Eastern Standard Time) and I'll offer any item from any shop to everyone that comes! Just incase you were saving up for something or whatever you want it for~ :3
Since no one wanted the Fox Hats last time... Oh, and I might have to change the date and/or time. But the time I picked should be good... We'll see! Oh, I almost forgot... The server going to be on RAMU.
So, to stop some confusion, I'll put all of the details in a format that is less confusing than just randomly saying the details in a random order... Lol, I confused myself in that sentence... Anyway:
Date: July 9th
Time: 6:00PM EST
Server: RAMU
Room: Mt. Shiveer
Gift for coming: Anything that is in any shop


And that's pretty much it... I can't wait for this party~ ^^

KK, cya~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pet Reminder And New Pages!

Hey jammers! This is just a reminder about pets! Pets will be released in Animal Jam soon! In 3 days! Puppies, kitties, ducks and frogs! There may be even more, too! I can't wait!
~Moving on~

As you can see, on the right side of this blog, there is some new pages! I'm adding more too! There will soon be a page about the upcoming pets. For those of you who are interested...

Oh, and I am having another party soon. I'll post about that soon...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Code!

A new code has been released! It is:

I got 1,000 gems from it, like all of the other 14 codes! :D

Next week, pets come out!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Server!

I noticed a new server has been added to the server list!

It's called BELAYA! :D

Also, please check out my friend, Grand Futurewolf's blog!
Here is a link to his blog!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ties, Rhinos, Spartan Armor... :D

Big news for AJ! There is a new animal! The Rhino!

Just note, that Rhinos are only available to Members, just like the Elephants.

Now, for the new items!

In Jam Mart Clothing...

Looks like they brought back Ties, Spartan Armor, and Spartan Helmet!

In the Jam Mart Furniture...

Sand box, and Basketball!

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

Even more Game Machines! These games, are Gem Breaker and Super Sort! And also a new Shaman Statue, Ruby!

In the Animal Museum...

Giant Rhino Plushie and Rhino Banner den items!

There is also a brand new shop! It's in the Sarepia Forest!

It's called the Flag Shop! You can buy TONS of flags here!

Here is what they are selling now:

They are each 150 Gems, and available to all players!

That's it for new items! But, if you play Temple of Trivia, you will earn DOUBLE the gems!

Also, something exciting happens in two weeks! Pets! 
They appear to to be puppies, ducks, frogs, and kittens! I can't wait!
There are also new Jam-A-Grams too!

And that's it! What do you like the most? And have you noticed that they have been re-releasing a bunch of rare clothing items? Not long before they bring gloves back too! :D

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slow news time... D:

Nothing new is happing on AJ lately... But I have heard tons of rumors saying that gloves will be re-released some time in June. They are most likely true... For those of you who want gloves~ ^^

I also have a request... I kinda need a Bat Mask... No, it's not something like I want it so bad that I think I really need it, and I'm not gonna scam you for one ore anything like that! But if you have a Bat Mask, I'd like to know if you are interested in trading me for it... I'll give you a pink nonmember glove, a Horn Helmet, Gazelle Horns, Heart Balloon, Elf Bracelets (AKA cuffs), a leaf necklace, and many more rares for it! You see, my friend really wants one, and her birthday is soon, so I figured I could get her the AJ item she wants! ^^ I don't mind if you don't believe me... And you aren't forced to trade with me or anything. Only if you want to trade! Thank you! ^^

I will also be posting about every little glitch and bug I find. For those of you who like glitches and stuff. There is a glitch about walking on walls, and a small screen glitch... Just incase you like preforming glitches as much as I like finding them...

Thanks! I'll post news as soon as it comes!

Blossom Berryflower~
Animal Jam Flash~ :D