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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crystal Sands Shop? *UPDATE*

I have found two locations where the could be a shop:

Original post:

Now that the Flag Shop has been opened in Sarepia Forest, that means... There is a shop in every area but not Crystal Sands!
Jamaa Township: Jam Mart Clothing, Jam Mart Furniture
Appondale: Animal Museum Shop
Coral Canyons: Coral Corner
Mt. Shiveer: Shiveer Shoppe
Sarepia Forest: Flag Shop
Lost Temple of Zios: Mystery Emporium

But Crystal Sand doesn't have any shop! Does that mean the pet shop will be in Crystal Sands, or perhaps a different new shop? Probably not, but maybe! What do you think? Will there be a new shop here?


  1. I looked around, and there really isn't any place where there could be a shop... Unless it could be in Canyon Passage... (Which is considered part of Crystal Sands)
    Lol, sorry if I'm random and/or confusing~ XD

  2. Possibly. But theres no were to put it tho... and isn't Canyons passage part of Coral Canyons?

  3. Agent Ninja-
    Canyons Passage (or what ever it's called) is actually part if Crystal Sands~ You can tell, because if you have a buddy at Canyons Passage, and scroll over Crystal Sands, it will say you have a buddy there. But it doesn't say they are in Coral Canyons (unless there is a buddy in Coral Canyons)...
    Lol, don't ask why I know that...

  4. Well...it's part of both really:) It looks like Coral Canyons, but has the music and decorations of Crystal Sands:)There is kind of a shop in Crystal Sands (The Tiny Claw), although its not really a shop.

  5. Silverstorm-
    Yeah, you can get items from The Claw, so I guess it is considered a shop. But, you don't get to pick what you get from the Claw... So it's kinda both... :P

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  7. hehe i went in the hole and ended up in mt.shiver hehe

  8. well in the next new news theere will be a place for pets since it has a puppy on it!


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