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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pets now available throughout Jamaa! *UPDATE*


Hey Jammers! There has been a huge crowd at Appondale, and the pet shop... Everyone was angry that they couldn't get in to the shop... But now...
Yay, now you can buy pets from more places than just the pet shop!

In Crystal Sands:
Duck and kitten shops!
In The Lost Temple Of Zios:

Duck and Frog shops!

In Sarepia Forest:
Puppy shop!
In Coral Canyons:
Frog shop!

(Thanks, DoomDesire)


  1. i wish they were out for everyone


  2. @funbor
    That would be cool! It would also be cool if members could have more than four pets.

  3. I wish certain pets were for non-members! I had to get to the pet store the hard way!! I got 400 gems, and arrived there, and kept clicking at the door!! I never recieved the note!


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