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Friday, June 24, 2011


Pets are finally out!

But first, here are the new items!

In Jam Mart Clothing:
Very old items, the Freedom Hat and Freedom Cape! And both are available to all players!

In Jam Mart Furniture:
Firework Tower and Koi Pond! :DDD

In the Flag Shop:

New flags!

And that's all the clothing and den items...


There are some new emoticons! These new emoticons are for members only.
The new emotes:
Breaking Heart
Love Sick

Also, there is a new Action!

You can now sit down! Here is what my wolf looks like sitting down:
Also there is a new Jam-A-Gram to send to your buddies!
Cool eh? It's about the pet shop!

And finally, the Pet Shop!
To get to the pet shop, go to the Appondale, and enter the tree!
Go ahead and explore it!
Here is my pet! Her name is Mirrorsky!
Pets are for members only though... D:
That's it for now!


  1. How did you get a collar for your animal i love the new stuff by the way

  2. Knight Magicclaw-

    I'll make a page about pets later, which will tell how to get clothes for pets~ ^^

  3. My animal jam pet rasitela is actully a player she has 2 collars purple and black and white

    Princess Bunny


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