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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short Update?

I was in the Township, when I got this message:
In case you can't read what it said in the picture, it said:
"Animal Jam will be closing for a short update in 5 minutes."
Hm... And update? I wonder what this update will be! Then, 4 minutes later, I got this message:
It is the same message as I got four minutes ago, but it says "1 minutes" instead of "5 minutes".
After one minute had past, I got this:
It said:
"You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!"
And I tried logging back in, and I got this screen:
It said "We apologize for the inconvenience, but Animal Jam is currently offline. Please check back soon!"
Did the same thing happen to you?


  1. i got that just now! i have nothing to do...so i'm reading your blog all over again! hehe (/(^.^)\)


  2. yowazup-
    I read my blog over and over sometimes... Hehe

  3. @blossom

    me too hehe

    p.s my cousin sayz that the "mt. shiveer" music is scary.. what do u think? i think it's nothing but whenever i go to mt.shiveer my cousin blocks her ears and runs to my aunty..



  4. yowazup-
    I know some music that almost everyone finds scary... It is called the "Lavender Town Theme"... Even I get a bit scared if I listen to it... And I am WAY too scared to listen to the "ORIGINAL Lavender Town Theme"... O_O

  5. I saw this too! I was at a party with my friend and when everyone saw this, they started running around and going crazy saying that the world was going to end. I did too! Although it was fun!

  6. I just got it right now..... how long is the "Short Update?"

  7. This happened to me too, but I logged out so it didn't log me out for me.

  8. Yeah this happens to EVERYBODY when Animal Jam is having a ''short'' update. I did '' '' around short because they are NEVER short! Its not a glitch or anything by the way. Yep. Happens to everybody when Animal Jam is offline. And the idea of the whole game being offline rather than just a player offline is W E I R D ! ! !

  9. Oh and its funny how they say 1 MINUTES instead of 1 MINUTE! Lol.

  10. Ya same thing happened to me. actually alot but sometimes it's "10 minutes" instead of "5 minutes" don't be scared or worried about your computer it's perfectly normal. I means they are working on animal jam to make it better. in other words thats when they are making the new things that you see in the newspaper.

  11. Well, that happened to me when i was in coral canyons. It said: "animal jam will be closing for a short update in 15 minutes". I had just logged in. I was still in the place i was then it said: "animal jam will be closing for a short update in 10 minutes". Then I was in an epic den then it said "animal jam will be closing for a short update in 5 mintues". I wasn't on animal jam after they said that they will close for a short update in 4 minutes. Now, i want to ask you a question: how long will the updating be?

    Add me on animal jam my username is shinysky.


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