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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Slow news time... D:

Nothing new is happing on AJ lately... But I have heard tons of rumors saying that gloves will be re-released some time in June. They are most likely true... For those of you who want gloves~ ^^

I also have a request... I kinda need a Bat Mask... No, it's not something like I want it so bad that I think I really need it, and I'm not gonna scam you for one ore anything like that! But if you have a Bat Mask, I'd like to know if you are interested in trading me for it... I'll give you a pink nonmember glove, a Horn Helmet, Gazelle Horns, Heart Balloon, Elf Bracelets (AKA cuffs), a leaf necklace, and many more rares for it! You see, my friend really wants one, and her birthday is soon, so I figured I could get her the AJ item she wants! ^^ I don't mind if you don't believe me... And you aren't forced to trade with me or anything. Only if you want to trade! Thank you! ^^

I will also be posting about every little glitch and bug I find. For those of you who like glitches and stuff. There is a glitch about walking on walls, and a small screen glitch... Just incase you like preforming glitches as much as I like finding them...

Thanks! I'll post news as soon as it comes!

Blossom Berryflower~
Animal Jam Flash~ :D


  1. O_O Just my gloves, cuffs, and leaf necklace will work... XD Thanksies of course! But seriously, don't trade ALL your items. O_O

  2. yowazup-
    Actually, I no longer have that glove! D:

  3. bat masks are back!

  4. bat masks came back with new colors.

  5. No, those are Bat Glasses! Bat Masks came in October, and are like capes.

  6. They come in october because halloween and bats are halloween but i but think halloween is in november HELP IM CONFUSSED???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. i have a bat mask and ill trade u 4 thhose things


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