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Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Look [please help!] (over)

Thanks for voting! The winner is #8! This poll is now over.

Hi! I have had some trouble finding a good head item for my monkey, Jumping Vinebuddy...
So, can you please help me? I made a post like this a little while back, but this time for my monkey!

So, here are the choices:

1.) Monkey Hat
[1 vote]

2.) Rhino Helmet
[5 votes]

3.) Curly Wig

4.) Hat and Curly Wig
[1 vote]

5.) Astronaut Helmet

6.) Firefighter Hat
[9 votes]

7.) Turkey Hat

8.) Leprechaun Hat
[10 votes]

9.) No hat
[2 votes]

So all you have to do, is post a comment with your votes! Which ones do you like the best? If you don't like any of these, please tell me other hats you suggest!

This poll will end when one outfit gets 10 votes.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Find It Contest! [Now over]

Hello! Today, here is the weekly Animal Jam Flash Find It contest! You may be wondering what this is...
Well, I will show you some pictures, and you just have to tell me where these pictures were taken! But please describe the area they were taken in, so I know that you know where they were taken!
Confused? Well let me explain better:
Tell me the location of these pictures:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

So, if you get all of the answers correct, you will win a prize! The prizes will get better as the contests go on...
This week's prize is a Bird Feeder! The first three Jammers to get all of the answers correct win the prize!
The contest ends when 3 Jammers have won!

(Also, I will not publish your comment with your answers until the contest is over)

Any questions?

Oh, and I made a new blog where I will post somse extra stuff!
Click here to view the blog!

This contest has ended. And I will tell you the correct answers now!
Picture number 1 is near the mud puddle. Number 2 is right by the bridge in Coral Canyons. Number 3 is also in Coral Canyons by the waterfall, just keep going right past the waterfall. Number 4 is by the Theater in Sarepia Forest. Number 5 is right above the ducky shop in Crystal Sands.
Thanks to all for participating! 
Now for the winners...

You are all awesome! I will get the bird feeder to you soon! When you see me on AJ, just tell me to get you the bird feeder! If you are a member, I will send it to you right away!
Thanks again for playing!
This contest is now over!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi hi! I know I say this a lot, but there has been nothing new lately... Nothing! I even emailed AJ and they said... Nothing

It is like my whole world is filled up with complete nothingness! D: Nothing... Nothing...

But then... My world of complete nothing went away...

So I was on AJ today and - I met Wando20!
If you didn't know, Wando20 owns a fantastic blog called The Animal Jam Gossip! She is an amazingly nice Jammer! I am sure you will love her blog! So... If you go on her blog, I will give you a digital cookie! Okay?

Click her to visit The Animal Jam Gossip!

Oh, and... I am having another party soon! It will be in August though, because I am going away soon! But I will have (most likely) will have Internet connection!

I will post any new little things that I find, okay?

Oh yeah, and there is a new server called Calle!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

AJ Survey 3

Hi! So, this week's AJ Survey...

If you could create a new item (Den item or clothing), what would it be?

Well, my answer would be Shark Hats! Hehe

Monday, July 25, 2011

Are You Ready to Party?

I know I made a lot of posts today... Sorry! But I think it is time for... The third AJF party! I just love parties! So... Here are the details...

Server: Kama
Room: Animal Museum
Time: 5:00PM EST (2:00PM WST)

Another Secret Color!

Hi Jammers! My good friend GreenFun told me about another secret color!

This one is a secret brown color! You can get this color differently than the maroon color.

To get it, you have to make a new animal.

But make sure you make it a bunny!

Now, before you change your new bunny's or colors, click on the Patterns tab!

Now choose a pattern for your animal!

The color of the pattern should be a secret brown color!
This brown looks similar to the other brown color, but this one has a more red-ish shade!

Unfortunately, this color can only be used as your pattern color, and this only works with new bunnies...

Enjoy this new color!

(To see the other secret color, click here!)

Oh, and the game guides page has been moved! If you want to see my guides for the games around AJ, click here!

(Thanks to GreenFun for telling me)

A Royal Glitch!

Today, my friend bigcatsfoever found a new glitch! It is similar to the bunny hat glitch, but this time with elephants! To do this, you need the item called "Royal Cape"... They don't sell them anymore... But, if you wear the Royal Cape on an elephant, it turns into a heart cape!
See? These capes are NOT heart capes, but they turn into heart capes if elephants wear them! Strange... Now in case you don't believe me and think I'm trying to trick you by saying that this is a glitch but we are really just wearing heart capes, There are only few colors of heart capes:
Blue (Different from the royal cape in the picture)

And well, heart capes don't come in orange or this shade of blue!

Strange huh?

New AJF Stuff!

Hi! There hasn't been any new news-related stuff lately, but I have been making some new pages and stuff on AJF!

I made a page called Weekly Events, which is like a calendar for stuff that happens on Animal Jam Flash! So be sure to check out what plans I have every week!

I also made a page called Epic Dens, which I will feature Jammer's dens that I think are EPIC! You can see it here.

In case you need to contact me, click here!

The pet page has also been updated with the rare items that butterfly pets can have, and about giving you pet a bath! Click here to go to my pet page!

I am also working on making a game guide for EVERY game in Jamaa! So far, I only made a guide for River Race, but I am working on making a guide for Phantom Fighter, and then Spider Zapper! Click here to see the game guide!

There is also a new page about featured items! Here, I will feature some  items that can be found in the shops of Jamaa! These featured items are also know as the 'items of the week'!

I will soo be working on even more new pages!

Here is what I am working on:

Den Items (Thanks to jambotsrule for idea)

A page where you can post your ideas (Thanks Silverstorm for idea)

Moderators (Thanks to Knight Magicclaw for idea)

Animal Jam Flash Club (Thanks to SnowyClaw for idea)

So stay tuned! If you have any more ideas, please leave a comment!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hello! I was wondering... Do you have any ideas for AJF? Like, is there anything I should add to the blog? Please let me know, K? I will give you credit!

-Message Closed-

-Message closed-

Friday, July 22, 2011

More Claw Machines and Servers!

When the pet shop came out in Appondale, the pet shop was crowded in every server, and the Appondale was full too! Everyone wanted to get in!
So, the HQ put mini pet shops all over Jamaa! And now, the new plushies are out, and Crystal Sands and the Juice Hut were full! So guess what! There are more Claws in Jamaa now! So Crystal Sands and the Juice Hut won't be so full anymore!
One of the new Claw Machines is in the Animal Museum in Appondale:

And the other one is in the Theater Lobby, in Sarepia Forest:
Yay! I am glad that there are more machines now! Enjoy getting your plushies! :D

Oh, and there are two more servers:

Bremer and Burke!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My kitty is gone!

Well this isn't good! Some of us Jammers lost their kittens, and I am one of them! If you look at my pets here...
The first box is empty! My kitty, Mirrorsky, used to be there! But she is gone!
If I click on the empty box where she used to be, it just turns yellow...
Hm... Also, if I click on the box, this also shows up...
It's almost like I have an invisible cat!

Mirrorsky was catnapped! :O Well, I better start hanging up these posters all over Jamaa...

Is your cat missing too? I hope they fix this glitch!

New Stuff! (most of it is rereleased stuff) :D

More stuff is out! Now, the bad news, the Coral Canyons shop is no longer here anymore... :(

In Jam Mart Clothing:
 The return if the beta item, Cool Hair! And Spiked Hair too!

In Jam Mart Furniture...

 Cool new futuristic furniture! And also the return of Wood FLooring and Dust Striped Walls!

In the Mystery Emporium...
A new Gem Ball Machine! I hope they make a Fruit Slinger Machine! :D

In the Flag Shop...
6 more flags!

Also, the butterfly pet is out! I will update the pet page soon!

And... My prediction was right! The pet thingy in Crystal Sands is a pet wash!!
Hehe, there is Mirrorsky getting a bath!

The next Monthly Thank You gift from AJ HQ is coming! Here is a sneak peek:
To me, this looks like some kind of plushie machine! What is your idea on what it could be?

And there are tons and TONS of new plushies in the claw!
New colors for plushies, accessories, and rhinos! So cool!

To read the entire new newspaper, click here.
The pet page has been updated with information on butterflies here.
The clearance archive and colors pages have also been updated.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AJ Survey 2

Hey Jammers! Sorry about all of the confusion with the last few posts! But if you didn't know, my computer charger broke and my computer died, so I couldn't make posts anymore... But I am back now!~

Okay, now, it is time for the AJ Survey 2! If you want to see last week's AJ Survey, click here.

So this week's survey...

If you could make a new feature on Animal Jam, what would it be?

My answer would probably be something like a feature that makes it so only you can get into your den, or so you can block certain Jammers from trading with you.

I look forward to seeing you answers!


Hi hi! I got a new charger! So this means...

Sorry for the inconvenience... D:

But no worries!

Happy jamming!

Read Previous Post

Hi everyone, DoomDesire here.
As you may know, Mayksufi's computer charger has broken, and her laptop died.
She can't make posts or go on Animal Jam for the time being...

Until her computer charger is fixed, I will make posts while she is gone.
I hope you all continue to visit our site!

Let's all hope May comes back soon!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hi Jammers... Well, I have a bit of bad news...

My computer is broken... Well, kind of...

My computer charger broke and no longer works... And my computer is on low battery... Which means, by the time you read this message, my computer has died. I can no longer use it...

That means I cannot post here on AJF anymore... Until I get a new charger...

And I have no idea if I will ever get a new charger... I probably will though...

I always mess things up... D:
So I can't use my computer anymore (like I said before)

This post will be deleted once I get a new charger.

So goodbye everyone! D:

(This post was made when I had low battery, so my computer is dead now)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Future Stuff! (Maybe)

Hi! Today, I looked around Jamaa, and I have been guessing about some future stuff to come to Animal Jam! (Since there really hasn't been anything new lately, I have been posting non-news related stuff... Hehe)

Anyway, first the new animals:


And since Animal Jam Membership helps save big cats, I think the panther would be a great idea!

Polar Bear:

Polar bears at one point could have been a new animal along with the arctic fox, but instead the harp seals came out! But, if you want a polar bear, you can just make a white panda...


I know I have already talked about the moose, but it may be possible! There probably will never be a moose as a playable animal, because there are items like Gazelle Horns, Reindeer Masks, and Antlers, and the moose already has antlers so those items would probably mess up the moose's look...


Crocodiles will most likely eventually come to Animal Jam! It seems that almost everyone wants to be a crocodile, and it was even an option in an Animal Jam Poll!


Hippos seem to match the style of the rhinos and elephants. Hippos may or may not come to Animal Jam, but I think that they would be perfect!


Possibly giraffes will come to Animal Jam. I already can picture what it would look like!


Yes, a bird like Mira! I think that Animal Jam needs some type of bird...

That's it on possible future animals!

Now for clothing:

Mining Helmet:

Feather Helmet:


Also, in Crystal Sands, you may have noticed this:
Well, this place may be a pet supplies shop! They may sell stuff like this:

But then again, it may be a pet bath area! Look!
Those cloud-like things could be bubble soap!
And take a look inside...
If you look closely enough, it kind of looks like a water pump! Hmmmm!

So, do you think any of this stuff will come out? What do you think this new pet shop will be?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ladybugs as Future Pets?

So, I think that ladybugs will be future pets! First off, in Jamaa Township, on the right side, you will see some grass with a ladybug on it! The ladybug on the grass will be different every time you visit Jamaa Township! Here are some pictures of different ladybugs:

See? They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors! Just like the other  pets do!

And next week, a new pet comes out!
Now just in case you cannot tell, this new pet will be a butterfly! Here is what they could look like:

And butterflies are insects, right? So are ladybugs! And the butterfly is coming out, the ladybug probably will too!

And look, the ladybug is even on the Animal Jam Logo!

I could be wrong, but I think that ladybugs will eventually be available as pets! What do you think?