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Monday, July 11, 2011

Animal Jam Flash Quiz *UPDATE*

Update #1: The end date has been changed to 5:00EST today! Which is in a few minutes.

Update #2: The quiz is now over.

Original post:

Hello Jammers! DoomDesire here, and I'm happy to post our very first quiz!
The questions are all about Animal Jam, so you might want to check around Jamaa for the answers to some of these questions! Ready?

1. How many gems does two Large Planters, one Peck Statue, and one Spider Zapper machine cost, in total?
2. Which pet(s) can you currently buy in Mt. Shiveer?
3. There used to be two now-rare colors of pillows you could get in The Claw game. What were they? (Hint: The answer is not pink or purple.)
4. True or False... Maykufi has a white and purple duck wearing lab goggles. His name is Firetree.
5. Where was this photo taken in Jamaa?
6. Again, where was this? 7. Same as last two questions.


That's it! Post your answers in the comments. We are hiding comments, so don't worry if it looks like the comment didn't post.

The first person to answer all of the questions correctly(and being specific on the places where the pictures were taken), gets a free Jester Hat! (Jester Hats are now rare items.) Everyone who answers correctly gets an honorable mention.

I think that's it. Quiz ends on Wednesday! (July 13th)
Thanks everyone!



  1. 1. 1350
    2. Dogs
    3. Blue and Brown
    4. True
    5. Chamber of Knowledge
    6. Appondale
    7. Crystal Sands
    8. Mt. Shiveer
    9. Crystal Sands

  2. 1: The to big planter's, peck statue and spider zapper al together are 1350 gems.
    2: You can get only 1 pet in mt shiver.
    3:The 2 pillows you can get in the claw were orange and light blue.
    4:Mayksufi does hav a white and orange duck that has lab gogles named fire tree so true
    5: Bottom floor of the flag shop in sarepia forest.
    6: Its the museam in appondale.
    7:Canyons pathway near the entrance of crystal sands.
    8:Mt.shiveer near gem breaker.
    9:Mt.shiveer near the entrance of crystal sands.
    My user in aj is bigcatsfoever


  3. 1.1,350
    3.Blue & Orange
    5.Flag Shop in Sarepia Forest
    6.Animal Museum in Appondale
    7.Canyons Pathway in between Crystal Sands and Coral Canyons
    8.Mt. Shiveer near Gem Breaker
    9.Pathway to Crystal Sands in Mt. Shiveer

    ~NekoKitty~ :3

  4. 1. 950 gems
    2. Dogs
    3. Blue and Orange (I have both)
    4. True
    5. The Flag Shop
    6. Appondale/Animal Museum
    7. Canyons Pathway
    8. Mt. Shiveer (Near Gem breaker)
    9. Mt. Shiveer (Near entrance to Crystal Sands)

  5. 1. 1350 gems for total
    2. Dogs
    3. Orange and blue
    4. True
    5. This is the counter on the bottom floor of Flag Shop in Saperia Forest
    6. The roof top of the Animal Museum in Appondale
    7. Its the starfish on the side rocks in Canyons Pathway
    8. Those gems are near the game Gem Breaker and on the side rocks in Mt. Shiveer
    9. Thats on the side wall of the tunnel leading to Crystal Sands in Mt. Shiveer

    Answers written by : GreenFun

  6. The answer for #1 1150. Sorry! I misunderstood it, and put 200 gems for the plants, not the 600 gem planters!