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Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Secret Color!

Hi Jammers! My good friend GreenFun told me about another secret color!

This one is a secret brown color! You can get this color differently than the maroon color.

To get it, you have to make a new animal.

But make sure you make it a bunny!

Now, before you change your new bunny's or colors, click on the Patterns tab!

Now choose a pattern for your animal!

The color of the pattern should be a secret brown color!
This brown looks similar to the other brown color, but this one has a more red-ish shade!

Unfortunately, this color can only be used as your pattern color, and this only works with new bunnies...

Enjoy this new color!

(To see the other secret color, click here!)

Oh, and the game guides page has been moved! If you want to see my guides for the games around AJ, click here!

(Thanks to GreenFun for telling me)


  1. first comment


  2. My friend told me about the color, and said that someone else told her it. Also, your new blog didnt have the Anonymous button so I couldnt comment on it.

    - GreenFun

  3. GreenFun-
    Oops! Sorry, I will add the Anonymous button!

  4. I tryed it won't work yes i did exectly what it said.


  5. I ryed it with a bunny this time and it worked so it only work's for bunny's.


  6. How do you get that color?
    Please tell me!


  7. guys plz go to my other accounts den! its a five star hotel! the username is hotelkeeper(im lucky that name was open) there are four rooms! every room has toys, rares, tables, lights, beds, pillows, plushies, walls, carpet, towels, and tiki torches!


  8. Hey remember me? Can you put me on your blog since I'm your biggest fan?

  9. I got scammed!!! D:


  10. psnr-
    I said the instructions in the post! ;)

  11. a 4th of fontain thing! i liked it alot!


  12. May, there is another secret color, almost I think. Its the wolf eye. Before changing the color, its like a color between black and grayish.


  13. mayksufi, i figured out that there is actually a secret color for every animal. If you say yes to my buddy request i can show you


  14. There are two other secret colors. They both ONLY are for new dolphins. The eye color and upper color ( around the dosial fin).


  15. I know another secret color! Not sure if it works on everyone, works on my animals though...

    For the new colors, click the line next to light purple and dark purple. After a few tries you should get... SUPER LIGHT BLUE!



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