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Friday, July 15, 2011

Coral Canyons Reminder!

<marquee> Coral Corner is closing in 6 days! <marquee>

In case you didn't read the latest newspaper, you may not know that the Coral Canyons Shop is Closing down! Sorry, but the Coral Canyons Shop will no longer be here anymore!

Only 1 week left to buy things from Coral Canyons! You better hurry! Everything in this shop will become rare items soon!

Oh, and, if you want to be my buddy, please send your buddy request to Mayksufi2 or MayksufiStorage4
My buddy list is full, and I am afraid to delete a buddy, so please send your request to one or both of these accounts! Thanks!


  1. I got stuff I wanted all i need is fountaind and im godd :)


  2. Ooh! I need to get more gems and buy some more stuff from there!!! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Omg when i tried logging in today it said that aj was under maitenance


  4. I'm going to miss this shop!! Although I have all I need! Good Bye Coral Corner!

  5. Medieval sunnygemJuly 17, 2011 at 2:18 PM

    Me too!:( well, at least i got lots of plants!:)

  6. meowmeow0-
    Me too! I always liked this little shop... :(
    But I wonder what will be there once the shop is gone! Maybe it will be the entrance to a new land?

  7. i got everything it took so long im not a member but i got all the items eventually i got bigcatsfoever into buying me all of them
    thanks bigcast! :D



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