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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Find It Contest! [Now over]

Hello! Today, here is the weekly Animal Jam Flash Find It contest! You may be wondering what this is...
Well, I will show you some pictures, and you just have to tell me where these pictures were taken! But please describe the area they were taken in, so I know that you know where they were taken!
Confused? Well let me explain better:
Tell me the location of these pictures:

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

So, if you get all of the answers correct, you will win a prize! The prizes will get better as the contests go on...
This week's prize is a Bird Feeder! The first three Jammers to get all of the answers correct win the prize!
The contest ends when 3 Jammers have won!

(Also, I will not publish your comment with your answers until the contest is over)

Any questions?

Oh, and I made a new blog where I will post somse extra stuff!
Click here to view the blog!

This contest has ended. And I will tell you the correct answers now!
Picture number 1 is near the mud puddle. Number 2 is right by the bridge in Coral Canyons. Number 3 is also in Coral Canyons by the waterfall, just keep going right past the waterfall. Number 4 is by the Theater in Sarepia Forest. Number 5 is right above the ducky shop in Crystal Sands.
Thanks to all for participating! 
Now for the winners...

You are all awesome! I will get the bird feeder to you soon! When you see me on AJ, just tell me to get you the bird feeder! If you are a member, I will send it to you right away!
Thanks again for playing!
This contest is now over!


  1. oh i might change these answers becuz this is just a guess but:
    1.mud at appondale
    2.bridge in coral cayons
    3.roof of a building jamaa township
    4i think its the museum appondale(how you took the picture looks very cool)
    5.the grass near the lady bug jamaa township (i think)

  2. 1. Appondale
    2. Coral Canyons
    3. Coral Canyons
    4. Sarepia Forest
    5. Crystal Sands

    That reminds me that my fans haven't gotten a prize yet! I keep thinking about the grab bag

  3. ok number 4 is actually at the edge of coral canyons on the right side of the tree in the right staircase to the top

  4. oh i know the tiger is at the entrance of the theatre!!!

  5. found it!!!! :D its at the peek of crystal sands!

  6. may dont post my comments till someone else has won i dont need the prize i hav enough money to fill my whole inventory with them, so u dont giv me the prize, and dont show my answers till someone else won

  7. Picture #1 is at Appondale, near the mud.
    Picture #2 is at Coral Canyons, near the bridge.
    Picture #3 is also at Coral Canyons, kind of near the waterfall. Its at an edge.
    Picture #4 is at Sarepia Forest, near the Theater
    Picture #5 Is at Crystal Sands, near the rock bridge. :D

  8. 1. Appondale
    2. Coral Canyons
    3. Coral Canyons
    4. Sarepia Forest
    5. Crystal Sands

  9. um the 1 one is
    2.coral canyons
    3.coral canyons
    4.sarepia forest
    5.sarepia forest

    tell me wat ones i got wrong if i did get gte some wrong.

  10. 1) appondale
    2) coral cayones
    3) pass :(
    4)serpia forest
    5) pass :(

  11. 1-Appondale
    2&3-Coral Canyons
    4-Sarepia Forest
    5-Canyons Pathway
    Did I get it right?

  12. 1. Appondale, next to the mud pit
    2. Coral Canyons, on the left side of the bridge and right of the what used to be Coral Corner Shop
    3. Coral Canyons, next to the tree on the bottom of tree, and next to the waterfall
    4. Saperia Forest, poster on a tree next to theater
    5. Crystal Sands, next to the entrance of Mt. Shiveer and right side slide between 2 and 3 floor pool

    - GreenFun

  13. number 1:it is the rock in appondale
    number 2:is the catuse in coral cannons brigde or
    number 3:is the plant in coral canyons stares and behind the tree
    number 4:is the shamen picture at the theater in sarepia forest but not inside the theater
    number 5:the flowers in crystol sands next to the yellow paw next to the slide



  15. what about me i got them right (i dont want the prize though)

  16. and may, i got this from yowazup's blog(it originally came from key99's blog)

    A BI-WEEKLY EVENT to HELP those who NEED
    Here's our situation:
    For the past month, AJ HQ has failed to shift the colors of clothing items, one of the most important things in Jamaa. Non-members have been unable to change item colors since around March/April. If they can't change the color of what clothes they wear, they can look pretty despicable with their favorite colors on and nothing to match them.
    That's where CHIP-IN for CHUMPS comes in. We should all try, twice a month, to give non-members the stuff they need in the colors they want. It would make their day if they received the item they were really needing! It would also help the 'image' of members just to be there, as many non-members despise them for being 'sick, ignorant in-your-faces' as some could tell you they are. I don't agree with that stereotype; and you don't have to either!
    Help the people in need, Help them to not plead!
    Where: CHIP-IN for CHUMPS meets in Jamaa Township any old day, but there are big gatherings on Saturdays.
    WHEN: Saturdays are the main meetings (At whatever time), but any day, any time. Need knows no season!
    WHAT: A simple gathering. Inform non-members what you're doing as part of CHIP-IN for CHUMPS, ask if they would like anything (Please inform them that they can't wear member items... not everyone knows that), and get it for them. Tell them to trade in an item of equal or more value, to be fair to you.

    BLOG OWNERS: Please pass this along!

  17. may where did u post the find it contest! i never saw the real contest!


  18. JamesK2477-
    Yes, I heard about that! But, I already did that ever since nonmember couldn't change the colors of items! But, AJ could shut down if everyone gives nonmembers all the items they want, because no one will buy membership if they already get everything they want for free... But I still think it is nice to give others what they want! :D

  19. @JamesK3477
    It originally came from Woodswolf originally. Key99 and I pasted it on our blog about at the same time;) So, you were close. But I agree, it's a great thing to do. It's a start, too. If we do it, AJ may let them have pets too!

  20. I got a Legendary Glove YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. oh, right. and also if u read carefully it says to trade but i know what yuo mean. and also that was very nice of key99

  22. Hi. It's coopo2 again. i missed it, but I didn't read the answers so I will still do it. Blog on!

  23. Srry I didn't get to participate in this contest. I am on vacation ^-^


  24. 1.appondale
    2.coral canyons
    3.coral canyons
    4.saperia forest
    5.crystal sands

  25. Hi people this is my first time........so yeah I'm doing this all with a phone the buttons are small but I txt a lot so I'm good my user is rawr2 someone plz buddy me


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