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Friday, July 1, 2011

Monthly Gift!

The next AJ HQ gift has arrived!
And I got...
A Spiked Necklace! There is also Spiked Wristbands!


  1. I got a blue wristband! Nice necklace!

  2. Silverstorm-
    I actually went through a ton of trading to get my pink necklace... I traded the green for a blue wristband, traded that for a pink wristband, traded that for a red necklace. traded that for another blue wristband, traded that for a pink necklace, traded that for a red wristband, and traded that for another pink necklace! I should have just traded the green necklace for a pink... But oh well!

  3. Weird. Mine was called a 'Spikey Necklace' instead of a 'Spiked Necklace' like yours!

  4. MagicalShyrabbit-
    Really? Maybe there are different kind of these necklaces then!

  5. Yeah, there ARE 2 types of necklaces!!! The 'Spiked Necklace' like yours has spikes of the same size, while the 'Spikey Necklace' has a pattern of spikes! Small, big, small, big!!!

  6. MagicalShyrabbit-
    Oh cool! I didn't know that! Thanks!

  7. MagicalShyrabbit-
    Thanks again! I think you will be my next Buddy of the Week! :D

  8. Cool! But I didn't get that gift! Mysterious...

    From: Annika

  9. Annika-
    Are you a Member? Because, unlike the first monthly gift, if you are not a member, you do not get even the Jam-A-Gram...

  10. Oh.... Im not a member! That is why I didn't get it!!! That makes a lot more sense!! Thanks for telling me mayksufi!!!


  11. Annika-
    If you read the new newspaper, on page 6, it says that if you become a member ANY time in July, that you will get the gift!

  12. "speaik callars" XD
    btw I dunno if you know but it's me- EternalClaw
    I don't use EternalClaw anymore though. That's why I sign as "b"

    1. I thought that's who you were, at least it's confirmed now lol

  13. And this was when AJ started to go down hill.

  14. I expected to read, "And i got... SPICED GARBAJE!!!!!"


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