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Monday, July 25, 2011

New AJF Stuff!

Hi! There hasn't been any new news-related stuff lately, but I have been making some new pages and stuff on AJF!

I made a page called Weekly Events, which is like a calendar for stuff that happens on Animal Jam Flash! So be sure to check out what plans I have every week!

I also made a page called Epic Dens, which I will feature Jammer's dens that I think are EPIC! You can see it here.

In case you need to contact me, click here!

The pet page has also been updated with the rare items that butterfly pets can have, and about giving you pet a bath! Click here to go to my pet page!

I am also working on making a game guide for EVERY game in Jamaa! So far, I only made a guide for River Race, but I am working on making a guide for Phantom Fighter, and then Spider Zapper! Click here to see the game guide!

There is also a new page about featured items! Here, I will feature some  items that can be found in the shops of Jamaa! These featured items are also know as the 'items of the week'!

I will soo be working on even more new pages!

Here is what I am working on:

Den Items (Thanks to jambotsrule for idea)

A page where you can post your ideas (Thanks Silverstorm for idea)

Moderators (Thanks to Knight Magicclaw for idea)

Animal Jam Flash Club (Thanks to SnowyClaw for idea)

So stay tuned! If you have any more ideas, please leave a comment!



  1. first comment


  2. and plz go to the epic dens page the comments too


  3. oh hey i love your blog so much and i really want to see you in animaljam and oh can you check out my den and i hope you will like it and oh what country are you in i just want to know because i want to know what time is it in your country and so sorry for making my comment so long a lot of my friends say that when i send them massages its to long and it makes them confused but i just cant say just one sentence hehehe


  4. oh hey i have an idea to know if the jammers are really looking at the things like big cats or the racoon thing ask them questoins like what are sand dollars and other stuff like that and so they would really answer it you should give a price or something because animaljam is not just for playing it is also so for learning stuff


  5. oh hey um i have no things to really say to you but stay cool but dont dare freeze....hehehehehe

  6. did u see my idea? about a rare items page? if u havent check it out!



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