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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry for posting so much, but...

Sorry that I made so many posts today...
So before I say what I am about to say, here are some links to the other posts:

Post about new stuff: Click here
Post about party: Click here
Post about new colors: Click here

Okay, since this morning, I have seen a new glitch. It involves emoticons! I couldn't quite figure out how to do this glitch, or manage to get pictures... But... Me and my friend found out how!
Here are the pictures I took:

As you can see in those 5 pictures, the emote is outside of the speech bubble!
So, if you want to know how to do this... Follow these steps:

Step 1:
Use any emote.

Step 2:
Before the emote goes away, quickly put on a different clothing item.

Step 3:
Now look at the emote!
If you do not understand these instructions, please let me know.

(Special thanks to ollie42)


  1. thats funny and cool! i will try to do that glitch!


  2. Sweet, it worked for me. And another thing, it's okay posting too much, I like it when you post more cause then I can read more stuff.

    - GreenFun

  3. mayksufi? can i have your e-mail? please email it to me at ecflynn98@yahoo.com
    i have a pic i wanna send you!

  4. @Blossom
    I noticed this yesterday too! Remember, more posts=more interest, don't worry, this is your blog to express yourself on!

  5. NekoKitty told me another way. She said you can also change animals and the emote can still do that!

    - GreenFun

  6. Yup, you can click an emote, change animals, and once it's changed, the emote will go above! I noticed that!


  7. May I have your e-mail also???
    Your blog might be better than the actual Animal Jam game!!!!

  8. Hello! I have a glitch for u! What you do is go on animaljam.com then when you get to jamma or your den, go to the bottom left corner,then click were you want to move and click an action...... PRESTO!!! If you did what i said on the game, you just did the BUTTERSLIDE!!! (if you already know this please go to americananimal.webs.com thats my website!
    SEE U ON AJ!
    my username: wildcat909
    add me as a buddy!

  9. Yes umm... i tried that glitch but, it didn't work. i dont know why. maybe it my computer. na.......

  10. that glitch did not work why me na ?????/

  11. I'd guess that it's because this glitch is like 7 months old and doesn't work anymore...

  12. i should tell u something lovelost, there is ANOTHER new name! what is it? the new name is.... LUCKY!!! my rabbit is named it. i am Wolfstonecraft

  13. It didn't work!!! :(

  14. she said it only work in the old days i understood her jeesh!


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