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Friday, July 8, 2011

Yay, new stuff!

Hiya! As today is the second Friday, there is new stuff in Jamaa!

Well, when you log in, you get the new newspaper but then you get this:
The daily gem bonus! You spin the wheel by clicking "Spin!" and then see how many gems you get! I got 75 gems. Log in every day to increase your gem bonus! Cool new feature!

Now, in Jam Mart Clothing:
A brand new Astronaut Helmet and the return of Bat Glasses!

In Jam Mart Furniture:

An Umbrella and Beach Towels! Perfect for the Summer!

Also, there is a NEW den! It is the Water Park Den! IT IS REALLLLLLY COOL!

In the Mystery Emporium:

The game Mira Says for your den!

In the Flag Shop:

6 more flags!

In Crystal Sands...
It has slides now! I love this new look for Crystal Sands!

There is a new Jam-A-Gram too!
Cool! For more info on this stuff, check out my Newspaper Archive!

Also, the Purple and Pink Mats have changed appearance:
They are darker now!


  1. i haven't even notice the letters i love the new stuff!

  2. i got 50 gems from gem bonus!! i love the new crystal sands!


  3. Knight Magicclaw-
    I love the new stuff too!

  4. Annika-
    Cool! I love the new Crystal Sands too!

  5. I like new stuff in Animal Jam every two weeks! And I think that the new stuff are soooo cool!

    - GreenFun

  6. I just noticed, Jamaa Township turned to summer time now. The trees are darker and less flowers are around. Pretty soon, it'll be fall, again, which is what it looked like when I first started Animal Jam.

    - GreenFun

  7. Your den is awesome mayksufi!!


  8. GreenFun-
    I love all of this new stuff too! And I noticed that everything has a new Summer look too! I joined when everything was all icy!

  9. and congrats on the new pillow color thingie! i never wouldve noticed that!

  10. I noticed that the plushies that aren't colored have gotten darker too!


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