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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monthly Gift Reminder and Buddies

Hello Jammers! This is a reminder to get the monthly member gift of August. Become a member in August, to get this month's gift, the claw!

But remember, there are only 2 days left of August, so time is running out! This claw allows you to get the awesome phantom pluhies! You can't get them anywhere else! he next monthly gift from the AJ HQ is coming soon! 

And also, I have been getting lots of buddy requests. Well, I am terribly sorry, but my buddy list is full! So if you want to be my buddy, please add my other account, MayksufiStorage8.

Jam on!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

GreenFun's Message!

Hi Jammers! GreenFun has a message for us.

Hi! Plz post this on your blog, join team Animal Jam! It helps stop badness in Jamaa! To join, send GreenFun a JamAGram saying Jam On! And its the Animal Pride with #1 on it!

Here is the Jam-A-Gram you send to GreenFun to join:
This team is to help stop bad things in Jamaa. For more information, please ask the Jammer named GreenFun! She's really nice! 

Sorry there hasn't been anything new. If you didn't know, the party has been moved to Saturday, September 3rd. It is the same time and all, just a different time. Jam on!

Contest! (over)

This contest is now over. And the winners... ilovepluto and xxBananaxx!
The answer was... A turtle!

Original post:

Hi! I'd just like to say that the hurricane has passed me, and we are okay! The party will be next Saturday. Sorry I had to cancel it, but i didn't have a choice! I didn't want to have a party and not show up... Sorry I missed the contest too. So I will throw in something extra this week! This week's prizes are...
One prize from AJF Prizes, and any item from any shop! It can be in any color you like. This week's contest isn't a Find It contest. It is an animal riddle! So here it is:

I have four legs and a tail. I have no teeth. I can swim and dive under water. I carry my house around with me. Who am I?

All you have to do to answer, is post a comment with your answer! The first two Jammers to get the answer correct, wins the prizes!

Good luck! And don't forget, new stuff and the monthly gift are coming soon.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Party Canceled

I am so sorry, but the party has to be canceled! If you want to know why, it is because there is a hurricane that will be coming soon... We may have to evacuate, so I may not be on for a few days!
But the party will now happen next Saturday. The contest will be canceled too...

Panda Glitch!

Hello! There is a glitch when you wear a Royal Cape on a panda! First, thanks to Zer0IsAwesome for finding this glitch.

So, if you wear a Royal Cape on a panda, its colors will swap! Here is my Royal Cape:
When I put it on my panda...
It turns inside-out! And it works with any color of Royal Capes.
 Why are royal capes so glitchy?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello! Sorry for not posting as much... I've been busy and stuff.

First, I'd like to give credit to DoomDesire for telling me this. If you click on this badge in the corner...
And then the "RULES" button...

You should get the AJ rules:
You probably already knew that, though. But, did you know that there is a mistake in the AJ Rules?

It says usernamev instead of username! Hmm... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AJ Survey 7

Hello Jammers! The AJ Surveys will be a little different now. There will be more than one question! 

Here are the questions:

1. What is your favorite game on AJ and why?

2. What animal would you like there to be on AJ?

3. What is your favorite plushie from The Claw?

My answers are...

1. Fruit Slinger, because it is fun and pays a lot of gems!
2. Probably a zebra. I can already imagine what they would look like!
3. I like the crocodile plushies! I really like the blue ones. :P

Monday, August 22, 2011

Raised Prices!

I noticed while shopping for my den, that the Tiki Torch item is more expensive now! 

This item costed only 80 gems! But now it is 200! It's nothing big...

Did you notice any other price changes?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Party Info!

Hi Jammers! I am having another party soon! Here are the details so far:

Server: Kama
Room: Crystal Sands
Time: 4:00PM (EST)
Date: Saturday, August 27th

• We will be moving to different rooms, and dens.
• The party will be starting in Crystal Sands, by the pet wash.

Any questions? I can't wait for the next party!

Oh look! You found a secret link! It isn't really much of a secret, though... Click here to view the secret blog link!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Silent Glitch NOT Fixed!

Remember the post I made called "Silent Glitch"? Well that night, the AJ HQ put out a "Short Update"... And it was thought that they fixed this... But, they didn't fix it yet!

I still can't chat with my buddies! The only thing that I can see is what I say, and emoticons... But that is it... It is almost like everyone is on my ignore list...

So, sorry if it seems like I am ignoring you! But this is the reason why I might not respond to you on AJ... Is this still happening to you? Maybe it is just my computer...


Crocodile Plushies/Breadsticks!

Croc plushies are now available in The Claw! You can get them the same way you can get the other plushies. They come in many different colors, and rares! Here is what mine looks like:

To me, these crocs look like bread sticks! I have no idea why...
I am also working on a page with all of the colors of the available furniture!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Find It Contest 4 (over)

This contest is over, and the winner was JamesK2477! Thanks for playing! Comments on this post are still allowed, but this contest is over. To see the correct answers, check out JamesK2477's comment.

Hi Jammers! This week's Find It Contest will be a little different... This week and for now on, you get to choose your prize! This prize will be from  the account AFJPrizes. here will soon be a page that has all of your choices, and more about everything. Also, if you didn't know, every Friday, AJF had another Find It Contest. But now, it will no longer be only Find It contests, there will be different contests every Friday!

This week, is a Find It Contest. 

This Find It contest might be more easy than you think... ;)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Silent Glitch!

Hello... Ever since the new update, I have been experiencing a new glitch...

It is more like a bug, though.
What exactly is wrong here? Well, I cannot see anything that anyone else types! I can only see what I type... I can only see emoticons and pre-set text! This must be because of the new chat option:
 I guess for some reason, this new 'Restricted Bubble' chat mixed with my 'Free Chat'... So now, the only thing I can see is pre-set bubble text, my text, and emotes... 

This is getting really annoying, because now, I can't chat with my buddies... Is this happening to you too? 

To fix this (You may have to do this a lot), ask your parents or go on your parent account, and click the circle next to Type Chat again... 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Animal and Stuff!

It feels pretty early for new stuff to come out now, but here is the next update!

First, the new animal! Crocodiles:

And the new pet, hampsters:

And, here is a sneak peak at next month's AJ HQ Thank You Gift:

I have NO idea what that is! Is it some kind of Cloud Hat...?

On the last page of the new newspaper, you will see this:
So, I read all of the orange words from the other pages, and decoded these messagea:

LOTS of new stuff is coming!

Speaking of different colors, if you are a member, you can now change the colors of some den items!

Awesome! Now for new items...

In Jam Mart Clothing...
Ninja Masks and Dragon Masks have returned!

In Jam Mart Furniture...
New chairs and tables!

Also, in the back of Jam Mart Clothing catalogue, are some returned flooring and walls:

In the Animal Museum...

Monkey Topiary, giant croc plush and croc banner! 

In the Flag Shop...

6 more flags! 

In the Chamber of Knowledge...
The game Twister for your den! And a new shaman statueI still hope they make a Fruit Slinger machine...

There is also a new Jam-A-Gram:

AJF Prizes

Sorry I haven't been posting as much... But I have some news for y'allI know I still owe Scourgebc a Freedom Hat, and foxlen a bird feeder... So sorry they are late! Well, for now on, if you win the Find It contest or other contests, you will be able to pick an item from my prize box! My prize box will be an account named something like 'AJFPrizes' or something. I will be making a page for prizes and explain the prize box more. And to Scourgebc and foxlen - I will let you guys have TWO items from the prize box, for being late! I will put the bird feeder and freedom hat in the prize box thingy (But you don't have to take those, you can take ANY two items). Any questions?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AJ Survey 6

I have been having trouble logging on to AJ lately... But I do know, that there isn't anything new. But this week's AJ Survey...

What is your favorite item in AJ?

Mine would have to be my heart balloon or turkey hat.

And soon, there may be and update about the prizes that I give away!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Bee Glitch!

For some Jammers, Coral Canyons is infested with bees! Check out this video:
(If the video doesn't work, click here)

Well, AJ HQ just sent out this message:

Yay, this 'bug' will be fixed! Other than this,  there isn't anything to post... D:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rare Items Blog!

Hello Jammers! There has been nothing new to post about, but I did make a new blog! It has information about rare items! It doesn't have all of them yet, since there are TONS of rares! Here is a link:
Click here to visit the new blog! 

Anyway, did you find anything newsworthy on AJ? :3

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Party Information!

Hiya! It is time for another party! 

Find It Contest 3 (over)

Sorry Jammers! This contest is now over, so you can no longer comment on this post. The winner of the Freedom Hat is...


Picture 1: Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer
Picture 2: Jamaa Township, by the Mira statue
Picture 3: Rocks between the Chamber of Knowledge and Brady Barr's Lab
Picture 4: Crystal Sands, by the entrance of Mt. Shiveer
Picture 5: In one of the hanging baskets in the juice hut

Thanks for entering!

This is AJF's 100th post! Thanks everyone for keeping this blog 'alive'!

Well, here is AJF's 3rd Find It Contest! This week's contest is a bit hard:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Can you tell me where this pictures were taken? I will give you a hint - Only one of them was taking inside a building.

The prize this week is...

A Freedom Hat!

The first Jammer to tell me what rooms/land these pictures were taken, wins the prize! You have to be quick! If you aren't quick enough, you may miss the contest...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Annoying Glitch!

Check out this video... (Turn your sound down, it is loud!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weird Trading Glitch!

I was putting items in my storage account, when I discovered a weird glitch:

What in the world is that pink thing?
It says I got a Blue Rug, an invisible item, an invisible item that thinks it is already in your den, and a pink... Think?

If I put my mouse over these items, they would say random numbers... The rug sais 129 and the pink thing said 71...

The two invisible items were just the number zero...

Hmm... So I check out my clothing inventory on my storage account, and the pink thing was there:
Of course, I had to try it on and see what happened! And, well, look:

This pink thing turned my eyes raspberry pink! What the...?

The item doesn't show up on your animal when you click the 'X' in the corner of the 'Dress you animal' menu... Odd...
So, I tried to recycle this glitched eye mask, and...

Recycle it for 0 gems? I click OK, and... I still had it! 

If you try to send this thing to someone, they will not get the Jam-A-Gram, and you will lose the item. It will also automatically disappear from your inventory after a while... You can't trade this item either.

Then I went to my den to see what those invisible items were...
And one appeared as a non-member Princess Chest:
If I tried to put one of these things in my den, it didn't show up!


Well, here are my predictions on the pink eye mask thing:
I think this is a test item (Also knows as a 'dummy' item) that AJ HQ is using to bring 'Face Items' to Jamaa! For example, Bat Glasses would be Face Items, but Arctic Hoods are head items! So you can wear them both at once! My other prediction, is that you will soon be able to purchase Make Up for your animals!

Now, here is how to do this glitch:

1. You will need 2 accounts (Or a friend)

2. Tell your friend to put an item they don't want on their trade list. (Or put something on your other account's list)

3. Now, offer 4 den items for their unwanted item, and make sure they accept.

4. Your friend or other account should get this:
(The first will be one of the items that you offered)

Now they have the glitch items!
If YOU want the glitch items, tell your friend or make your other account do these steps!

Warning: You may lose all of the items that you used to do this glitch. Make sure you don't trade any of your favorite items, because you may not get them back!