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Thursday, August 18, 2011

AJF Prizes

Sorry I haven't been posting as much... But I have some news for y'allI know I still owe Scourgebc a Freedom Hat, and foxlen a bird feeder... So sorry they are late! Well, for now on, if you win the Find It contest or other contests, you will be able to pick an item from my prize box! My prize box will be an account named something like 'AJFPrizes' or something. I will be making a page for prizes and explain the prize box more. And to Scourgebc and foxlen - I will let you guys have TWO items from the prize box, for being late! I will put the bird feeder and freedom hat in the prize box thingy (But you don't have to take those, you can take ANY two items). Any questions?


  1. I want Prize too =3 lol joking joking =3 but i think the prize box it going to be....awesome!!!!!!

    -Moo Moo :D

  2. yes i have a question, did u ever give me the art eisle? (i think i spelled it wrong)

  3. Hi everyone! I hope i win a find it contest soon!!! i just LOVE those contests!

    Pianogirl8 :)

  4. Hi :3

    Its Me MOO MOO again...lol

    PS: Moo Moo Is Not my username on Animal Jam Its Just my Nickname :D!!!!!!!!!!!!


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