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Friday, August 5, 2011

Find It Contest 2 (now over)

This contest is now over. And I will now tell you the correct answers!
Picture 1 is the carpet in the Art Studio. Picture 2 is by the un-used door in the Lost Temple of Zios. Picture 3 is in Crystal Sands on the giant rock which is the roof of the entrance of Coral Pathway. Picture 4 is in Mt. Shiveer, by the bridge to Sarepia Forest. Picture 5 is in the pet show Claws 'N Paws.
And the winner is...
He wins the art easel! Thanks for playing!

Original Post:

I expected a new Jamaa Journal today... So I guess it is a day late...
But I guess it is a day late because last week, it was a day early.
Anyway, here is this week's Find It contest!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

To win this contest, all you have to do is tell me what rooms that these pictures were taken in!

The first to guess all of the answers correct, will win a prize!
The prize this week will be... An Art Easel!
Art Easels are rare items!

Any questions?

(Also, if you post your entry comment, it will not show up until the contest is over!)


  1. oh btw
    do i have to get all the answers right? sorry if you said that in the post im just lazy lol.

  2. oh one more thing how much did nm gloves cost thx

  3. pic 1 is in art studio
    pic 2 is in the temple of zios
    pic 3 is coral canyons
    pic 4 is also coral canyons
    pic 5 is ...
    idk what pic 5 is lol

  4. soccerkit-
    Yes, in order to win, you have to get ALL the answers correct.
    Oh, and your question about gloves -
    Nonmember gloves (The item itself is called 'Gloves') costed 45 gems, like the Necklaces. :D

  5. 1.)
    2.)Temple of Zios
    3.)Crystal Sands
    5.) Claw n' Paws
    ill post the othwer 2 in a sec
    - foxlen

  6. Picture 1. animal museum
    Picture 2.Lost temple of zios
    Picture 3.Crystal sands
    Picture 4.Mt.Shiver
    Picture 5.Pet shop


  7. 1.carpet in art studio
    2.un used door in temple of zios
    3.the arc in crystal sands (which i just found0
    4.entrance from serepia forest into mt shiveer
    5.light in claws n paws

  8. and by the way ollie found them first

  9. 1. Carpet in the Art Room of Coral Canyons
    2. Temple of Zios
    3. Crystal Sands
    4. Next to the bridge in Mt. Shiveer
    5. Next to entrance of Appondale's Pet Shop

    - GreenFun :)

  10. ollie told me a new code!!!!! festival! it works

  11. i know all the ansers!!! #1 the floor in the art studio in coral canyons. #2 by that game called temple of trivia in temple of zios. #3 on that big rock in crystal sands. #4 (i dont know if this is right) when you step on the rock you see them in coral canyons. #5 is in claws n paws at appendale.