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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Find It Contest 3 (over)

Sorry Jammers! This contest is now over, so you can no longer comment on this post. The winner of the Freedom Hat is...


Picture 1: Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer
Picture 2: Jamaa Township, by the Mira statue
Picture 3: Rocks between the Chamber of Knowledge and Brady Barr's Lab
Picture 4: Crystal Sands, by the entrance of Mt. Shiveer
Picture 5: In one of the hanging baskets in the juice hut

Thanks for entering!

This is AJF's 100th post! Thanks everyone for keeping this blog 'alive'!

Well, here is AJF's 3rd Find It Contest! This week's contest is a bit hard:

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Can you tell me where this pictures were taken? I will give you a hint - Only one of them was taking inside a building.

The prize this week is...

A Freedom Hat!

The first Jammer to tell me what rooms/land these pictures were taken, wins the prize! You have to be quick! If you aren't quick enough, you may miss the contest...


  1. PICTURE 1:Mount Shiveer right by the hot coco hut its one of those things holding up the hut
    PICTURE 2:That one is at Jamaa Township, It's up by Mira on the left side of her
    PICTURE 3:Two rocks beside the path to bradys barr in Temple of Zios
    PICTURE 4:Crystal Sands; Its up toward the top of the land, by double up and the rope-walk
    PICTURE 5:It's an oddly shaped fruit or something, but it's in the Juice Hut, in the middle basket pretty much all the way on the right
    and your right those were pretty hard!

  2. the first ones moun't shiveer

  3. the 3 is in lost temple of zios

  4. 1. Mt. Shiveer, near Hot Cocoa Hut
    2.( give up )
    3. Temple of Zios, near butterflies
    4.Crystal Sands
    5.( give up )

  5. Hmmm i have like 4 of those but more rares are good, eh? hehe
    1.) Mt. Shiveer
    2.) Jamaa Township
    3.) Lost Teople of Zios
    4.) Crystal Sands
    5.) Juice Hut
    P.S i didnt get my bird feeder yet D=

    - foxlen

  6. im not gonna do this one, but im back

  7. when i wenyt camping i saw:
    50 deer (doe, buck, and fawn)
    an eagle
    a merlin falcon
    a kingfisher bird
    frogs (toads too)
    a herrin
    a racoon
    black/grey squirrels (i saw chipmunks too)
    and there was a baby bird on our car

  8. Hi Mayksufi! May I say, Awesome Prize! Hehe. May and say rhyme. Lol. I am going to start doing your contests now May! Cool prizes! Coolio! :D Lol!

  9. 1.stake for the tent in mt shiveer
    2.near the mira statue in jamaa township
    3.on the ground near the 2 doors in temple of zios
    4.peak of crystal sands