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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lots of New Stuffs!

Finally, new stuff is out!

In the den version of The Claw, you can get PHANTOM plushies!
 You are welcome to use my den claw if you don't have one! My den is unlocked now.

Now for the new items...

In Jam Mat Clothing...

Horn Helmets and Star Capes! I love Horn Helmets for some reason... :D

In Jam Mart Furniture...

An Arm Chair and Laptop! Saweet!

In the Mystery Emporium...
Long Shot game machine!

In the Animal Museum...

Topiaries for the panda and tiger! I can't wait to see the crocodile topiary! ;)

And in the Flag Shop...

6 MORE flags!

And next week, there will be a new animal and new pet...

The first picture is the new pet, and the second is the new animal.

I am guessing the pet is a pig!

And I KNOW that the animal is a crocodile!

And if you play Twister, you get DOUBLE the gems:

Oh, and if you visit your den, you may notice that you can now change the music of your den:


Head over to Brady Barr's Lab to see his answers to questions:
And finally...

A new game!

It is called 'Pill Bugs' and I love this game! Try it out!

How do you like this new stuff?


  1. first comment!

  2. I missed it waaaaaaaa!!!! Bigcatsfoever ps I want my account back!!!

  3. YAY!!!! New stuff :D Im So HAPPY!!!!!!!

    - Moo Moo :D

  4. YAY! All of this new stuff is SO awesome! Yay! I'm so happy!

  5. Hi Mayksufi! I LOVE the new stuff and I LOVE your blog too!!! :D I am also so really happy too!!! I cant wait for the crocodiles!!! :D

  6. LOL! i wish i i know how to geet music in my den....
    lol =D

  7. the croc is gonna be cooler than any other animal!

  8. I can't wait for the new Animal: The crocodile! I'm going to get one! :D

  9. I think that the new pet will be a hamster or some other rodent. PEACE!
    p.s. I have another account with the username HarryP0tter.

  10. the pet is a HAMSTER!!!! AWSOME! (at least i think its a hamster.....) i wish i was a member.... -wubbzy17

  11. Angry birds piggy!! Get a yellow bird I must destroy the. Evil piggy from angry birds throws yello bird direct hit

  12. The phantom plushies are only for members
    I found that out when I traded for it, and I couldn't put it in my den!(because I am a nonmember)

  13. may there is somthing else new! if u press edit den every thing ( i think) looks bigger! check it out!


  14. I haven't tried pill bugs yet! I keep forgetting! I really like phantom plushies but I'm a non member so I can't get them! And may, ur den is SOO COOL!!! You have sooo many rare plushies and such cool music! You have 3 claw machines! Who gave those to you? May I have 2 rare plushies and I don't like them! Do you want them? We can trade if you want! But You already have them! They are a rhino with those weird green eyes and its black and the other one is a purple rhino with a bow! Sorry if this comment is messed up i cant fix it stop reading after After my name!

    Annika. ok if you don't want them.... They are a rhino

  15. I think thayt stuff is so cool!I'm also think that the new pet will be a hamster or somtething like that.


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