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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Membership Notice Reveals More Animal Slots?


I noticed something in new 'Member Message' that you get if you try to buy a new animal when you are not a member:

The second line says:
"Have one of EVERY animal!"

But even with membership, you CANNOT have one of every animal!
There are 9 animals in AJ at the moment, but only 8 slots for animals!
And within the next two weeks, crocodiles come out! So, then there will be 10 animals... But on this message, it says one of EVERY animal!
So, this is either a mistake, or it means that we will soon be able to have more animal slots! Hmm...

What do you think?


  1. cool also i hav a skullie if u want 2 trade me
    1st comment yay

  2. superagentdj-
    Wow, how did you get a skully? They were removed from Animal Jam after beta! Well, what do you want for it?

  3. SWEEET how do you have a skully???!!!

    I WaNT IT! Don't worry you don't have to trade it.

    About post:

    I really think we will have more animal slots, because when I look at other Jammer's animals, there is a grey scroll bar!

  4. Ooh! You're right! I've never noticed that until now!

  5. Why did I get banned anyways sigh I want my amount back I did nothing bigcatsfoever

  6. bigcatsfoever-
    I email AJ about this, but they didn't reply yet... D:

  7. What is a skully?

  8. A skully is a really rare beta item. They were removed from Jamaa. rex16000, glad to help

  9. wow a friend of mine named extremeskateboarder some weird numbers... had a black and red skully and it loked like he had 3 heads!!!!!


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