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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Animal and Stuff!

It feels pretty early for new stuff to come out now, but here is the next update!

First, the new animal! Crocodiles:

And the new pet, hampsters:

And, here is a sneak peak at next month's AJ HQ Thank You Gift:

I have NO idea what that is! Is it some kind of Cloud Hat...?

On the last page of the new newspaper, you will see this:
So, I read all of the orange words from the other pages, and decoded these messagea:

LOTS of new stuff is coming!

Speaking of different colors, if you are a member, you can now change the colors of some den items!

Awesome! Now for new items...

In Jam Mart Clothing...
Ninja Masks and Dragon Masks have returned!

In Jam Mart Furniture...
New chairs and tables!

Also, in the back of Jam Mart Clothing catalogue, are some returned flooring and walls:

In the Animal Museum...

Monkey Topiary, giant croc plush and croc banner! 

In the Flag Shop...

6 more flags! 

In the Chamber of Knowledge...
The game Twister for your den! And a new shaman statueI still hope they make a Fruit Slinger machine...

There is also a new Jam-A-Gram:


  1. already! :( i never got a chance to buy any if the items on clearence, i was camping and then someone hacked me when i was camping, and i got suspended :( could you maybe give me a table or bunny hat if u have an extra? plz

  2. JamesK2477-
    Of course I can! I also buy tons of extra stuff!

  3. oh thx! :D i can giv u a plushie in reward, i have a whole account just for plushies calle dplushie shop, i have lik 150, plushies so, u can pick one(not a rare though sorry D:)

  4. and also, im just wondering are you gonna try to make a "colors of the available ITEMS" page? cuz the clothes one is really helpful

  5. oh i have one more comment, the new land is the only one of those they havent had this month, so i guess its next (that would be awesome!)

  6. Even Though I Said The Last Comment Was My Last, JamesK2477August 18, 2011 at 1:43 PM

    MAY! youve reached 30,000 views! congrats!

  7. I'm scared that they are going to change the animal's looks, change the way all the lands look, and change the colours! Either that, or they are doing something very cool! I don't want Jamaa to change!
    -a worried coopo2

  8. hey may!i made a video on youtube!the link is on my blog!

  9. Hey may! i just LOVE your blog. And i LOVE the new stuff!!! (I don't even have a hamster) LOL :)


  10. may do u know why animal jams has been offline lattly?


  11. Hey May! On your rares blog, can you add A phantom hat? I have one if you need A picture.

  12. may there are croc plushies!
    I reall luv ur blog


  13. wat is the next mystery ghift my cusin thought it was a rock lol


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