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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Code!

Hello Jammers! We are all upset that nothing new has come out today...

Well not completely nothing, because there is a new code!

The code is...

It gives 1,000 gems like all of the other codes.

If you don't know how to use codes, click here!


  1. Thanks for the code! It works!

    - GreenFun

  2. Hey Mayksufi, how do you know what codes come out? I mean like, Animal Jam doesn't announce new codes or anything.

  3. by the way may, look at your views! thats amazing how many u hav!

  4. may, i have another idea! there should be a tips page. and you should tell how to comment (in as many ways as you can) and yuo should show how to chat (as in making the name, includes some of the features such as (FIREWORKS), or (DMD))it also includes telling how to get free/limited chat (maybe you could tell some chatting secrets lik ™,}{ (H), and stuff lik :D or :P)um you should also mention that if your account is permanently suspended that you can fix it by just reading the AJ rules. you should also say how to cheat with money (incase you dont know, i mean by playing buddy games then just quitting, the other person gets the money.

    so i know i have alot typed up here, but you should read it and see if u can consider. :D
    P.S. as i keep saying i stil think you should rate the other blogs

  5. Feelers-
    Oh, they come in the National Geographic Kids magazines! You get a free 6 month subscription when you get a 6 month membership.

  6. JamesK2477-
    Wonderful idea! I think that will be my next project on my "Animal Jam Flash Extras" blog!

    And I don't want to rate the other blogs, because others may be upset if they got a bad rating, and stuff like that... D:

  7. Oh! I get the codes from www.retailmenot.com/view/animaljam.com . They have codes that might work, sometimes work, rarely work, and mostly work. :)

    - GreenFun

  8. MagicalShyrabbit-
    Hm... Maybe you should try it again later?

  9. right thats what i was thinking too, but i wish there was a good way to show that some other blogs really are good so ppl go to it, and also thx for possibly using my idea

  10. Im not going to answer to the find it contests because it doesn't give me enough time! Sorry I had to say this on such a random post!!! I can't comment on the post of the actual find it contest it doesn't allow it! I just wanted to tell you!


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