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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Trading Glitch

First of all, There should have been new stuff 3 days ago!

Anyway, for some reason, some Jammers like me, aren't allowed to trade anymore!

If I send someone a trade request to anyone, all that happens is this:
Looks normal, right? Well, no one that I send the trade request to sees my trade! So basically I can't send trade requests...

And when someone sends me a trade request, I don't see their trade! It just says "Mayksufi can't trade right now." (I tested this with my buddy BunnyLuvArcticPaw) So I can't trade with anyone... D:

This isn't really a glitch, but it is something that the AJ HQ needs to fix! It is very annoying... Someone even said that they would trade their top hat, an item that I wanted, for my Reindeer Mask, but I couldn't trade with them!

I sure hope they fix this soon!
Do you have this same problem?


  1. hey mayksufi, cant you trade thru the mail?

    1. she can but people these days would run away with her item.

  2. soccerkit-
    (Wow, you comment really fast! :O)

    I COULD trade through the mail, but there are lots of reasons why I will not do that...

    1. I could get scammed (If I send them my item(s) first)

    2. I could be accused of being a scammer (If I make them send the item(s) first to avoid number 1)

    3. They may just send me something that I didn't ask for (If we made a trade, and I sent my items first) (Also a form of scamming)

    4. I never ever trade through the mail... I did once or twice, but only with other Jammers who I really trusted (They didn't scam me)

    Only 4 reasons I could think of now... I just don't want to be scammed or be called a scammer... (And I NEVER EVER FOR EVER NEVER EVER scammed anyone! I am truly against scamming, and even tried STOPPING scamming! And if I trade with someone, and they want to trade back, I will always trade them back!
    I dislike scamming... :(

  3. lol i actually waited 10 minute for you to reply so i could reply :O

    anyway i forgot to say if you do trade thru mail, you couldnt trade with nonmembrs... and i no ur not a scammer i have seen you protecting people form the pillow scam (i was scammed from that scam ):)

    if i was a member i would trade with you and i wood send my stuff first cuz i trust you lol
    anyway i forget wat i was gonna say lol bye

  4. soccerkit-
    And true, I would only be able to trade with members...
    And ugh, I HATED the pillow scam! 70% of Jamaa lost their favorite items from that scam... D:<
    Whenever I saw someone trying to scam with a pillow, I would take everything off of my trade list, and stand in front of the pillow, so the scammer couldn't click on the "victims", so the scammer couldn't scam them! It was sad, because I was one of the only Jammers that tried to stop the pillow scam... I emailed AJ, protected everyone I could, warned everyone, and everything I could think of!
    I was so happy when they made another step to trading, by asking "Are you sure you want to accept this trade?" in the middle of the screen!

    I hope all kinds of scamming stop...

  5. Hey May, just to tell you, when I sent you that trade, it just says " Mayksufi can't trade right now." like when you are laying the claw, or buddy games, or if the person you want to trade with is currently doing a trade with someone else...

  6. Oh I meant playing not laying! Sorry typo.

  7. Oh and May, (sorry for commenting so much) do you want to be part of my story page? I know! It's off topic! Sorry!

  8. MagicalShyrabbit-
    Oh really? Thanks for letting me know!

    And I would love being part of your story page! I like stories! :P

  9. Some body scammed me once! (while she scammed me she also scammed like 5 other people at the same time!) i've NEVER EVER scammed enyone! I also tried to stop scamming! And my lately you haven't been responding to my comments!!! Oh and that same glitch happens to me I can't trade.... SOOOO ANOYING!!!!!!


  10. Annika-
    Aww! I was scammed a few times when I first joined Animal Jam... After that, I was never scammed again...
    Sorry for not responding! I think I am going to respond more, so don't worry!

  11. Hey May, if you want to be in my story just comment on my blog here: http://magicalshyrabbit.blogspot.com/p/stories.html

  12. How do I follow you? There's no follow section on this blog D:

  13. oh hey i think animaljam is so busy thats why this is happening


  14. Well I heard someone was trading a top hat for reindeer mask, I have a bow, so I can trade it for a reindeer mask, trade for that top hat, and trade it to you! You deserve something for this awesome blog! :3


  15. Wando20-
    No, you don't have to do that for me!

  16. There should be a rare items page on this blog! I wrote that on the idea blog post once and you didn't respond! Do you think it's a good idea? Does animal jam have a news paper yet? I'm on vacation and can't go onto Aj! And I don't care if you don't like my idea!

  17. This is how I got scammed:
    A girl went to the jamma township. Then she said "go to my den If you want my glove!" I went and about 6 other people went to. She said "each of you send me a rare!" so we sent her rares! And she announced the winner and I was the winner!! Then she said "do you want my glove?" and I said "YES!" " I love gloves! Not because they are rare but because they Look nice!" and then she said " I will send it to you," and then she left! I was so upset! And all the other people got scammed to!!! I felt bad for the other people and they felt bad for me!

    The End


  18. Annika-
    What item did you lose? D:

    And I like the idea! It will take a long time to make that page though... D:
    But I will try!

  19. I lost a 4th of July fountain that Was my fave item ever (and my only rare) :(

  20. Empress VinelillyAugust 7, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Send an e-mail to the HQ they will fix it!!!!


  22. jam not scam
    by: coolclaws1

  23. Help me Warsama123 scammed me into giving my most favourite White legend glove and my blue rare spiked collar! please help me! i cried when i lost them ! please help me! i never scam! - XsilverXwolfX wolf name : Mythical Spirit wolf

  24. umm so i for got when but on animal jam i was trying too change animals but it showed me seal my bunny and my wolf butt my wolf had the wrong name it was princessorangemountain and then i had all the spaces open for making animals but they just said castle with a check and also the castle was for 9,000,0


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