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Friday, September 30, 2011

Phantom Vortexes and Bat Pets

I have been asked a lot about how to get phantom statues, where to get bat pets, how to get in the phantom vortex, and stuff like that. First of all, there are a bunch of phantom vortexes around Jamaa! Here are all of them:

A vortex is in the bottom left corner of Jamaa Township:

Another one is near the top of Mt. Shiveer:

There is also one near the Theater in Sarepia Forest:

On a ledge in Coral Canyons, you can find another one:

Right next to the frog mini-shop in The Lost Temple of Zios:

By the Pet Wash in Crystal Sands:

And the last one is behind the Animal Museum in Appondale:

These portals will bring you to a place called the Phantom Vortex:

And you can play a special phantom themed game called Phantoms!!

What you do in this game, is move the torch around and push the phantoms into the light. If a phantom gets the candy, you lose! If you clear level 5, you get a free prize:
A Tall Phantom Statue! These come in blue, yellow, green, red, and hot pink. You can only get one once! 

Now, to get bat pets, you have to find a bat mini-shop hidden around Jamaa! Here is where you can get a bat:

In Sarepia, near the slide:

In The Lost Temple of Zios, near the frog mini-shop:

And in Jamaa Township near Club Geoz:

These bats are only for members, though... :(

Well, I hope this helps!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Animal Jam is... Broken?

Ever since the new Halloween update, Animal Jam hasn't been working properly... At first, I saw my friends walking on the walls. But they said I was walking on the walls! On my screen, I was in a different room than everyone else! Sorry, I couldn't take pictures of that. Then, when I was talking to coopo2, it wouldn't let me change clothing. Now matter how much I tried, my outfit would stay the same. That happens to me sometimes though. Then I tried switching animals, but nothing happened! Then I realized that I couldn't even walk! coopo2 couldn't walk either! We couldn't change clothes, animals, walk, or even leave the room! (Sorry, no pictures either... D: )
So then I logged out, to see if this bug would be fixed... But... Now it won't even load! It loads a few things like "Planting Trees" and "Opening the door to Club Geoz" and weird stuff like that, but it stops loading once it gets to "Expelling Phantoms!"

Nothing happens after this. The globe just keeps spinning. So I figured this is just my computer's fault (My computer doesn't work properly). If it stops loading, I usually refresh. If it still doesn't load, I empty the browser's cache. If that doesn't work, I restart the computer. And that works EVERY TIME! But not this time... No matter how much I refresh, empty the cache, restart, re-download Flash Player, or throw the computer out the window, it just fails at loading! I know I am not the only one with this problem, as Darkbraken said it won't load for him either! For some reason, mine stops loading at "Expelling Phantoms!", but Darkbraken's stops at "Printing Jamaa Journal"... So if this happens to you, it will probably stop loading at something else. The only thing we can do is contact AJ HQ and wait. :(

Day of the Phantoms!

Animal Jam has been invaded with creepy phantoms!

Most of the new stuff is from last year, but it is all awesome! Here is what is selling in Jam Mart Clothing:
Phantom Hats, Bat Masks, nonmember horns!? Yay!

And at the Hot Cocoa Hut in Mt. Shiveer, you can buy more cool Halloween stuff!

And it looks like bat glasses are available once again... :\

In Jam Mart Furniture, you can get more Halloween stuff!

And the World Animal Day banner! Also, the wallpaper/flooring are located at the back of the furniture catalog.

Also, at the Chamber of Knowledge at the Temple of Zios, you can get Jack-o-lanters!

And there is a new den! The Haunted Mansion den! It will only be available for limited time!
It's probably the most expensive thing EVER in Jamaa!

In the Flag Shop, you can get new flags, including the pirate flag:

In the Animal Museum...
A new koala topiary!

In Bahari Bargains...

New ocean stuff!

And the next Monthly Member Gift will be... Phantoms!

And a new pet - Bats!
Bat pets will only be available for limited time, so be sure to get yours!

And some Jam-A-Grams:

You can also find portals around Jamaa, allowing you to go to the Phantom Portal!

You can also recycle/sell your clothing from anywhere now
I love Halloween! :D

And if you beat level 5 of the game in the Phantom Vortex, you get a cool statue!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Animal or Pet Coming Soon!

Have you checked out AJ's calendar lately? Here is how:
Go to Jamaa Township, and click on this:

Now find this botton and click on it:

Notice that it says OCEANS OCEANS OCEANS!

Now look at the 30's message:

Hmm! (Special thanks to Snowyclaw for finding this message.) But before when it said "Oceans Oceans Oceans!" and "all the ocean excitement", may be a clue that the pet/animal will be an ocean animal.

The new stuff, along with the new animal and/or pet should come on either Thursday or Friday. I'm hoping the new stuff is for Halloween!

Anyway, speaking of oceans, please check out a game that my friend gjr888 made - Water AdventureClick here!

The game isn't quite done yet, but it's fun!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Underwater Items On Land?

New stuff is coming in two days (Thursday), and maybe some Halloween stuff! Is there any Halloween/Day of the Phantoms items that you want to come back to the stores? I'd like witch hats and bat masks to come back... Anyway, I discovered yet another glitch.

Here is what you need
A tiger
An underwater Flower Necklace
A nonmember glove (optional)

First, you have to be a tiger. Look at your items, and you may see that your underwater flower necklace(s) shows up in your land inventory! 

If you have your glove on, this glitch takes a secondary effect. Now, click on one of your flower necklaces. It will not show up, but your glove will disappear! 

That sure is interesting. :\

Sometimes, it even lets you "wear" two of them at once!

And if you X out of the clothing change thing, your glove might still be on your tiger.

Don't worry, if you do this glitch, you will not lose your glove, it is just taken off of your tiger for some reason. This glitch may be fixes soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Possible New Stuff

Hello Jammers, DoomDesire here. If you haven't already, go see the previous post. Mayksufi has some important things you should read.

Always read important information, and that means the entire post!
Mayksufi's buddy list is full, There are tons of people on Animal Jam, and we can only fit so many people on a buddy list.

Anyway, to my post.
I'm sure you're all seen the new home page for Animal Jam, it's been up quite a while.
It hints of the possibility of sea turtles and octopi. Items such as swords, a seashell necklace, and goggles with only one len are also in the picture. The sea horse looks like it will be a likely pet. Here's the picture for all you to see...
(Homepage owned by Animal Jam and National Geographic Kids)

Also, here is a glitch picture I took of my friend toastygal while she was dancing.
Strange huh?

Anyway, that's it... remember to check out Important Stuff and everything.
Ciao for now!

Annoying Glitches

I am sure most Jammers already know about this, but for some reason, you sometimes can't take stuff off of your trade list.
Notice that there are 3 invisible items on my trade list. If I try to click them to get them off, nothing happens. But, I can put more things on my trade list and take them off.

Another trade list glitch happened when I was putting items into storage.

Some of my items came out of the trading box! It wouldn't let me scroll down or use the "SORT BY.." option, so I could only trade those items or X it out.

And the last, sometimes when I try to switch animals.

My wolf and bunny somehow morphed together, and my only normal animal was my panda. One of my animals was Princess Orangemountain, and the rest were 9,999,999 gem castles. :\ Looks like Princess Orangemountain got a castle...

And I am thinking about quitting this blog and maybe even AJ. Everyone keeps asking me for items and buddy requests... I am not a prize box, and my buddy list is full! You have to read the buddies post and Important Stuff if you want to be my buddy... Even if those reasons aren't good to you, they are enough to put me down... :(

Another New Code!

A lot of codes came out this month, and there is even another one! The code is...


It give you 500 gems, unlike all normal codes.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changes to the Newspaper Archive blog!

If you didn't know, I have a blog about old newspaper in AJ. Click here to view it.
The clearance archive page will be moved to the newspaper archive blog, and there will be new pages on the newspaper archive too! Most of the stuff that is going to be on the newspaper archive is from Snowyclaw.
Snowyclaw is an awesome blogger! Click here to view Snoawclaw's blog.

There isn't anything news-related to post... I am still working on the new pages! This is just a quick little post, and may be deleted soon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Phantom Giveaway 2 *OVER*

This contest is now over. The winner is... noneofyoubeeswax! I will get the phantom plush to you as soon as I can! The correct answer was 6 - Phantom Fighter, Gem Breaker, Fruit Slinger, Sky High, Wind Rider, and Twister.

Original post:

Sorry for not posting in a while, my computer is weird like that... I can't post some pictures for some reason. Anyway, here is the next Phantom Plush Giveaway
Here is the phantom:

So, here is the contest...

All you have to do is answer this question in the comments.

How many games in Jamaa have phantoms in them?

And just so you know, The Claw and Phantom's Treasure do not count. And to make this more interesting, you have to be the third Jammer to get the correct answer! And you cannot enter more than once. If you do enter more than once, I will only accept your newest comment.

Now, since I wasn't able to make posts, we have two Bdays of Jammers! 
Happy birthday to Hp4evr and Rubin99! (I couldn't take pictures... :|)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, there hasn't been anything to really post about lately... So, AJF will be going through changes, to make things more interesting.

First of all, a lot more pages. I will be working on creating more pages, such as...

An art central, featuring art that you can submit
Colors of Den Items
Jammer Central (More info later)
Trading Central
Funny Pictures

That's all the ideas so far... Please let me know your ideas! 

I will also be updating some pages, such as...

The Pet Page, with details about hamsters
My Animals page, to make it less boring
Important Stuff
Colors of the available clothing, with all of the ocean clothing

Or, would it be better if there was a separate page for each shop?

Please let me know your ideas! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ocean Glitches

First of all, I can see that still, not many are reading the full posts, just pieces... The Phantom Giveaway is over. And if you want to be my buddy, you have to follow the post a few days ago. Please read posts carefully, because it seems everyone is missing important details...

Anyway, the impostor issue is solved, as it turns out to be Wando20's brother.

So putting that aside, I would like to tell you some glitches! These glitches are for oceans.

First, is a graphical glitch (Sort of)
If you can't tell, I am sort of inside a rock! It's not exactly a glitch, just a graphical error, but still cool! 

The next glitch is a dolphin eye glitch. Credit to clairbear414 for this glitch
First, you have to be a dolphin, and use this eye type:
It doesn't matter what color, and it doesn't work with the closed-eye-with-eyelashes.

Once you have this eye on your dolphin, look at the animal picture:
Seems normal, right? Well look at it in the ocean:

Your eyes get all big and crazy! It's pretty weird...

And here is another eye glitch, but with a seal! (This one works on land, by the way.)
First, be a seal with these eyes:

It doesn't matter what color, as long as it isn't black.
Now X out the color selection thing, and look at the animal picture in the bottom corner:
Notice how the eye color in the first picture is different! 

Here is another seal glitch. If you Dive while using one of the old patterns, your pattern will disappear:

And finally, for some slow computers, you can actually swim above the dock in Crystal Reef, while it is loading Crystal Sands:

Hmm... Do you know of any more ocean glitches?