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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Animal Jam is... Broken?

Ever since the new Halloween update, Animal Jam hasn't been working properly... At first, I saw my friends walking on the walls. But they said I was walking on the walls! On my screen, I was in a different room than everyone else! Sorry, I couldn't take pictures of that. Then, when I was talking to coopo2, it wouldn't let me change clothing. Now matter how much I tried, my outfit would stay the same. That happens to me sometimes though. Then I tried switching animals, but nothing happened! Then I realized that I couldn't even walk! coopo2 couldn't walk either! We couldn't change clothes, animals, walk, or even leave the room! (Sorry, no pictures either... D: )
So then I logged out, to see if this bug would be fixed... But... Now it won't even load! It loads a few things like "Planting Trees" and "Opening the door to Club Geoz" and weird stuff like that, but it stops loading once it gets to "Expelling Phantoms!"

Nothing happens after this. The globe just keeps spinning. So I figured this is just my computer's fault (My computer doesn't work properly). If it stops loading, I usually refresh. If it still doesn't load, I empty the browser's cache. If that doesn't work, I restart the computer. And that works EVERY TIME! But not this time... No matter how much I refresh, empty the cache, restart, re-download Flash Player, or throw the computer out the window, it just fails at loading! I know I am not the only one with this problem, as Darkbraken said it won't load for him either! For some reason, mine stops loading at "Expelling Phantoms!", but Darkbraken's stops at "Printing Jamaa Journal"... So if this happens to you, it will probably stop loading at something else. The only thing we can do is contact AJ HQ and wait. :(


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