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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changes to the Newspaper Archive blog!

If you didn't know, I have a blog about old newspaper in AJ. Click here to view it.
The clearance archive page will be moved to the newspaper archive blog, and there will be new pages on the newspaper archive too! Most of the stuff that is going to be on the newspaper archive is from Snowyclaw.
Snowyclaw is an awesome blogger! Click here to view Snoawclaw's blog.

There isn't anything news-related to post... I am still working on the new pages! This is just a quick little post, and may be deleted soon.


  1. Why delete it?

  2. yay first comment! anyway i looked at snoawclaws blog and it is AWESOME.but not as awesome as this one.

  3. if u click one the fire of the candle it explodes!!!
    first comment!

  4. Could you take a video of the seals movie in the animal museum? I can't take one with out lots of static in the movie.

  5. Sorry trickertreee, but I can't record video anymore... :(

  6. Heheh, she's not awesome anymore :P

    1. lol why are you looking at this post it's ancient

  7. Nooooo I like that blog wait WUTis that blog☺


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