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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lots o' Glitches!

I have found some more clothing glitches. Most of them are with the panda. The first glitch, is a glitch with a Beard.
Wearing a Beard on a panda, makes the tip of it turn a different color. It seems a lot of items on pandas make them change colors! Here is what the black Beard is supposed to look like:
(Although this may not be a glitch. But it doesn't do this on any other animal...)

The next glitch is when you wear Spartan Armor on a panda:

The shoulder blades change colors! Weird... They are supposed to be white:

The next glitch is also for pandas. It happens when you wear a Wreath Necklace:

The wreath goes through the panda! 

This next glitch is for bunnies. If you wear earmuffs and have your back face the screen...

They seem to overlap everything else! 

This next one isn't exactly a glitch, but if you Play with a seal with a glove and wreath on, the glove will go through the wreath:

And the last one, is when you Play with a bunny with a glove on:

The glove seems to float above the paw! 

Remember, the party is tomorrow!


  1. some1 hacked my wreath and beard and my elf cuffs and my freedom blanket but didnt take my other rares im so upset now my pass is hard to crack but how did this happen now i cant try any of the glitches 8C

  2. that beard looks funny


  3. I have another glitch! Meet me on AJ sometime!

  4. Wow! Lot's o glitches! I'm going to try out them! (If I can get the items! :P)

  5. may the royal cape glitch works on monkeys to

  6. Weird, I'll have to try some! Haha. xD


  7. Yo ilovepluto i sent ya my freedom cape.

  8. thx i love the freedom cape

  9. To bad I wasn't there... :(
    -OwlEye101 / Phantom Of Mira (:D)

  10. omg thx may")


  11. I don't think the royal cape heart cape glitch works anymore

  12. Woah, I'll try them! Thanks May!

  13. my aj name is maxmack friend me please.i am so boerd i want glitches and a boy.

  14. my name on aj is maxmack please friend me! i like glitches and none that i use work!


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