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Monday, September 19, 2011

Ocean Glitches

First of all, I can see that still, not many are reading the full posts, just pieces... The Phantom Giveaway is over. And if you want to be my buddy, you have to follow the post a few days ago. Please read posts carefully, because it seems everyone is missing important details...

Anyway, the impostor issue is solved, as it turns out to be Wando20's brother.

So putting that aside, I would like to tell you some glitches! These glitches are for oceans.

First, is a graphical glitch (Sort of)
If you can't tell, I am sort of inside a rock! It's not exactly a glitch, just a graphical error, but still cool! 

The next glitch is a dolphin eye glitch. Credit to clairbear414 for this glitch
First, you have to be a dolphin, and use this eye type:
It doesn't matter what color, and it doesn't work with the closed-eye-with-eyelashes.

Once you have this eye on your dolphin, look at the animal picture:
Seems normal, right? Well look at it in the ocean:

Your eyes get all big and crazy! It's pretty weird...

And here is another eye glitch, but with a seal! (This one works on land, by the way.)
First, be a seal with these eyes:

It doesn't matter what color, as long as it isn't black.
Now X out the color selection thing, and look at the animal picture in the bottom corner:
Notice how the eye color in the first picture is different! 

Here is another seal glitch. If you Dive while using one of the old patterns, your pattern will disappear:

And finally, for some slow computers, you can actually swim above the dock in Crystal Reef, while it is loading Crystal Sands:

Hmm... Do you know of any more ocean glitches?


  1. I can't believe Wando's brother could be so mean.

  2. I wished Wando20's brother used a different username than Wando19.

  3. I haven't seen any glitches...but I noticed the dolphin eye one when the oceans came out, I just didn't mention it.

    Acually, there is another glitch...

    If your in the ocean trying to get to a full server, or if you're on land trying to get onto a full ocean, you see yourself normal. But people see you as invisible; your invisible land animal in the ocean, or the invisible ocean animal on the land! I was the invisible dolphin in Appondale. =3

  4. I do. You go to Deep Blue to the bottom where the lava gap thing is, and if you swim to the left (<-) then you will see a cave. You have to pretend to go in the cave and your in! I think it's a glitch.

  5. Wando20's brother... that's kinda awkward...

  6. One word only...




  8. i wanna KNOW how to be an ocean animal on land and a land animal swimming SOMEONE HELY ME my username is 730cute

  9. To the old Wando20, I would really like you to re-buddy me again because you are so nice and I don't know why you deleted me:(


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