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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oceans are here!

The oceans in Animal Jam are finally here! There is a new start-up screen:
Cool! And that is one creepy shark...

There are three new places on the map:
Awesome! There are also two new animals - Sharks and dolphins! There are a few ways to get into the oceans. 

Only three animals can go in the ocean - Sharks, dolphins, and seals. Sharks and dolphins are for members only, unfortunately... You have to create one of those three animals in order to get in to the ocean. When you get in, You will start here:
This place is called Bahari Bay.

Or, if you start at the dock on the other side of Crystal Sands, you will start in Crystal Reef:

From either of these oceans, you can get to the other ocean, Deep Blue.

There are also new games! Eat 'em Up can be found in Bahari Bay.

And Phantom's Treasure can be found in Deep Blue.

Also, in Bahari Bay, you can find a shop.

Here is what they are selling:

This stuff can ONLY be worn underwater. 

There are also more animal and den slots:

Yay, finally! 

Also, there is another den music:

It is the music in the game Sky High! 

Now for new items:

In Jam Mart Clothing...

New Flower Glasses and the return of Police Hats! 

In Jam Mart Furniture...
New Paw Rug and Seasonal Tree! 

There are 6 new flags in the Flag Shop, but they aren't showing up, so I don't have a picture...

In the Mystery Emporium...
Overflow game machine! In the animal Museum...
A new Wolf Topiary, which didn't show up either...

There are also new eyes for your animal:

And new patterns for some animals:

And new Jam-A-Grams:

Are you enjoying the oceans?


  1. I have 0 complaints sadly it will be the same thing with crystal sands the room is full for a week then everyone goes back Jamma township

  2. I love the Oceans! They are so great! Thanks for the details! I always come to your blog to see what is new. :)

  3. This really a honor to be here playing on the poceans because this is my first time for me when a new land came out!


    ya! Oceans! I must go on NOW..

  5. I WANT ZEBRA!!! And a new land called: Sky land lol!!!

    pianogirl8 P.S. WANT A UNICORN PET TO!!!

  6. I really like the sharks since they are my all time FAVORITE animals, but its dumb that they are for members only!

  7. hey i think the eat `em up is like feeding frenzy


  8. New animal slots??? YAY!!! I have always wanted more spaces!!

    You're lucky, May! I can only play Animal Jam on weekends, so I have to wait till tomorrow! But, when I do play Animal Jam, I will play NON-STOP!!!! I never discovered the oceans yet but I WILL!!!!! :) (Sorry for caps if it bothers anyone)

  9. i have all the animals and first time i have a monkey

  10. my first animal was a bunny

  11. My first animal was a wolf called Precious Cutewolf


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