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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Underwater Items On Land?

New stuff is coming in two days (Thursday), and maybe some Halloween stuff! Is there any Halloween/Day of the Phantoms items that you want to come back to the stores? I'd like witch hats and bat masks to come back... Anyway, I discovered yet another glitch.

Here is what you need
A tiger
An underwater Flower Necklace
A nonmember glove (optional)

First, you have to be a tiger. Look at your items, and you may see that your underwater flower necklace(s) shows up in your land inventory! 

If you have your glove on, this glitch takes a secondary effect. Now, click on one of your flower necklaces. It will not show up, but your glove will disappear! 

That sure is interesting. :\

Sometimes, it even lets you "wear" two of them at once!

And if you X out of the clothing change thing, your glove might still be on your tiger.

Don't worry, if you do this glitch, you will not lose your glove, it is just taken off of your tiger for some reason. This glitch may be fixes soon!


  1. Mayksufi,Can I ve you buddy I think you are really cool but I also know that you might have a full buddy list of friends

  2. UGH

  3. I think it WAS fixed. It didn't work for me... :\

  4. it happend to me to it is a wierd glitch and i want witch hats, bat hats, non member wings, non member horns, and phantom hats to come back. that is almost all of the halloween stuff well bye
    ilovepluto ps im really not even supposed to be on the computer.

  5. Dang AJ glitches :O

    Anyways i think the new update will most likeyl come on saturday

    The new monthly gift will come out and they might conserve time by adding everything with the monthly gift release

    Rlly random question!!!

    What do you think phantoms feel like? Slippery? Squishy? Maybe even furry? Heh i dont know why i came up with thi s O3O

    - foxlen

    First comment :3

  6. Weird what's goin on and I'm off school thursday huzzah

  7. I've been planning for a while that when Halloween celebrations begin, My wolf will be dressed as a mosquito!

  8. What's weird?

  9. I was one if the first people to find that :3
    I was all like 030
    Then i tried putting it on and my glove was invisible, but i didn't lose it
    That reminds me of snow shoes on tiger xD
    They only show wile running witha tiger

  10. Hi
    I have a glitch but i did not take a screen shot sorry :(
    But I once put on two gloves at a time (red non member and mummy glove). The red one would show up when i was walking or jus standing there and the mummy glove would show up when i did and action. It was really weird. I think i highlighted the page to do that.

    Account name: vanessa810


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