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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Problems With Day of the Phantom

I love the Day of the Phantom celebration, but there has been TONS of problems lately. These problems are making it impossible to trade, buy stuff, and have fun...

To start off, there has been a major glitch about buying clothing/den items... Sometimes, if you buy something, it will disappear from your inventory. It is permanently gone, and the only way to get it back is to buy the item(s) again. So, you will have to pay double the amount of gems that you were supposed to! This is really annoying, especially for those of us who are collectors.

Second, there are tons of trading bugs and stuff... When I was putting my items into my storage accounts, the items I traded over were gone! I couldn't get my items back... So be careful when trading, because you may not get any item from the trade!!! 
There are a lot more trading problems than just that, but I don't want to make you more bored than you probably already are...

Next, is the broken account bug. Basically, it makes your account unable to buy, trade, or do anything with your items. I'll explain more:
If you make a new account, when you are in the tutorial with Liza, the panda shaman, and get to the part where you change your colors, buy something from the clothing shop. Now you can just skip the rest of the Liza tutorial, and head out to Jamaa. The items you bought will not show up for anyone else, and will disappear when you refresh the page. Even if you buy more items, they only show up on your screen. If you refresh, they disappear. They do show up on your trade list sometimes, but DO NOT trade with this account! You will lose all of your traded items! (Sorry, I know I am confusing. :L)

Another problem is with moving den items. The first time you go to your den and try to move your items around, you (probably) can't. This is getting REALLY annoying, as you will have to leave and come back every time you want to move something...

I really hope everything gets fixed, because it is making AJ less fun...


  1. 1st comment!
    Btw, i made another post May and could you recommend my blog, you know what it is
    AJ trading central

  2. I've done some research!
    How to avoid some glitches!
    -Always have an animal wearing the 1st item in your inventory, it stops it from running away
    -Put your 1st den item in your den so items don't run away
    -One time I lost a yellow eye, but when i switched to my seal, it came back. Weird :3

  3. i know!!

    i traded some things for a item that i really wanted and it just disapared! O.o
    it sucks!!

    i wont be tradeing for a while!

    hopefully problems come right

    :), p.s ur awesome

  4. OMG! That has been happening to me too. I hope that those glitches will be fixed soon too.

  5. That is really bad. It happened to my best friend when she traded me a rabbit hat for a worn blanket. You should email AJ.


  6. I didn't notice all of the glitches! I'll have to be careful...

  7. It's awful! I hate not being able to move den items. Worse, MY OCTOBER MONTHLY GIFT DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS GLITCH!! I E-MAILED THE AJHQ ABOUT IT!
    -- Tiffany987

  8. Ik SO annoying! The den glitch keeps happening I HATE it!

  9. IKR! I've only had the furniture glitch, but it's really annoying!

  10. bigcatsfoever DCP MODOctober 3, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    I am a collector and it is so frustrating! >:|

  11. I know! Another thing I forgot to mention, I have to click a bunch of times in order to walk somewhere!

  12. @Tiffant987
    Ikr!My friends caged phantom disappeared too! I feel sad for her :(

  13. This happened when they broght gloves back i had to rebuy my purple glove and when i traded my black and red necklace for a black and orange one too!D:

  14. Oh, May, I get that too! But it's usually in Jamma when I'm lagging. :/ And then for some random reason it goes the opposite direction I wanted to go... -.-

  15. ahem, my blog,
    snowflake daisyspirit's animal jam boom
    is not in blogs list. it is new. i dont blame you.

  16. i have another glitch too. one time i was having a party in my den, and then i couldnt move!i tried to tell everyone, but they were not talkng or moving at all! i literally screamed my head off in aj trying to tell people, but they wouldnt talk or move... it was weird... O.O


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