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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turtles and Other New Stuff

Finally, there is something new! First of all, all the Day of the Phantom stuff is on Clearance.

Here is what November's Monthly Gift will be:

There is also a new ocean, Kani Cove:

And a new underwater den!

Here is what the new underwater pets will look like:

Now for the new items. In Jam Mart Clothing...
A new Medusa mask! The snakes actually move! And the Dragon Mask is on clearance.

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Giant Phantoms are back! And expensive... And a new phantom carpet!

Also, this stuff is on clearance:

You can also buy den music now! Click on the den music button and click 'Shop'

In the Animal Museum, you can get a Rhino Topiary:

In the Flag Shop, you can get a Peace Flag and 5 more country flags:

In the Chamber of Knowledge, you can get Skull Tombstones:

In Bahari Bargains, you can get this new Halloween stuff:

Here is what the new turtle looks like:

There is another new shop! To get there, go to Kani Cove, and go all the way to the right side:

This shop sells underwater den items. Here is what they sell:


  1. Did you check if non member bat wings came out? If not... I believe they have become permanently rare. Like freedom wings. Please check! I'm looking too, but you're better at finding them.

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME! I ALWAYS WANTED THE GIANT PHANTOM :3


    First comment :D


    Shoot they all on clearence! GET EM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! D:

  3. Turtles rocckS!

  4. darn :( no non mem bat wings or torn blankets. but atleast theres tombstones...


  5. OMG O.O

  6. hey may, do you know what the jorney book prize is for kani cove?
    its really hard to find things there to!

    ~ cutiepie801

  7. YAY! All of this stuff is so cool! Thank you May or posting this! I wouldn't have found any of this :/

  8. I have like 15 scary baloons, 5 candy bowls,six tomb stones and 7 phantom statues. I'm trying to stock up on Halloween stuff, because you can't buy them after halloween. (:

  9. You can have 16 animals now! :3

  10. Lookiing for any halloween items... Feel free to trade me if I'm around!

  11. You work WAY too hard, May. Thanks for taking ALL of those screenshots!!!

  12. wow may your so awesome at making a blog, i can't even figure out how to take a pic on aj! PS don't look at my blog, it looks terrible :P


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