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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Behind The Waterfall and Next Animal

You may know, there is construction going on behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons. An AJ manager has told my friend Spino11 some things about what is going to be behind the waterfall. Also some news on the next animal. Click on the spoiler tag below if you would like to know what will be behind the waterfall and what the new animal will be.

» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «

Also, here is my holiday outfit:

And I keep getting asked one question... "What do you want for your earmuffs?"
Well, here is the way I trade:

I usually sit down somewhere by Jam Mart Clothing. I simply wait for trade requests. If I see a trade request that I like, I will accept the trade. There isn't anything in specific I want for any of my items.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Membership Stuff

Thanks Sheesh4 for telling me.
On AJ's website, there is a "secret" membership page. Follow these steps to get to it:

First, go to www.animaljam.com and scroll down. Now click on the Membership page link:

Now find the picture of a wolf. Click on the words "Members get...". They look like this:
And... That's it! It's very colorful and gives more information on what you an do when if you become a member. See for yourself! ;)

But I noticed a mistake on the page. It seems AJ HQ mixed this up:

They mixed up the summaries of these two...

Also, I've been busy, so my posts will be quick and short for a few days. Also if you didn't get the message, Free Turkey Hat Day ended two days ago.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Feast of Thanks!

Happy Feast of Thanks everyone! To celebrate, I'm going to be doing something special...

So what exactly is 'Free turkey hat day"? Here is the explaination:

• I will be giving away free turkey hats of any of the 8 colors
• To get yours, simply trade me for the color you want.
• I WILL be accepting all trades, so there is no need to trade me rare items.
• Only one turkey hat per Jammer
• You will probably be able to trick me into giving you more turkey hats :P

So if you see me, just offer anything and I will accept. This is mainly for Jammers who can't buy different colored turkey hats. Enjoy your Feast of Thanks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Full Screen Mode?

My friends GuardianAgent and lobird said they found something cool on another AJ blog. It enables a "full screen" mode of AJ. Not complete full screen, but the chat bar and buddy icons will disappear. Some of you might already know this, and it might not work for everyone. Here's what you do.
First pick your server. It doesn't matter what server.
Once the room loads, press F5 on your keyboard. The chat bar and stuff will disappear, giving you more of a play area!

If you want the chat bar back, press F5 again. Also (I figured this out myself), press F6 to change the quality.

Doesn't the quality look a little messy? That helps it load faster.

New Stuff Around Jamaa!

Tomorrow is the Feast of Thanks! So AJ has released the update early! So...

In Jam Mart Clothing...

Jam Mart Clothing hasn't released two nonmember items in a while! And Turkey Hats come in the colors mentioned in the previous post.

In Jam Mart Furniture...

Winter den items! The Snowman used to be pretty rare...

In the Cocoa Hut...

Gloves! They are still 2,500 gems... They are in the back of the Cocoa Hut's clothing catalog.

In the Animal Museum...

Croc Topiary! I wonder if there will ever be shark, dolphin, or turtle banners.

In the Chamber of Knowledge...

Tower of Trivia machine! It would go great with parties.

In Bahari Bargains...

New underwater necklace and skirt! That pearl necklace might be the 4th most expensive item...

In Kani Cove's underwater den shop...

And finally, Sarepia Forest music for your den:

That's it for new items. But now you can get more colors for your animals!

And the new secret color - dolphin blue!

You can now customize your pet:

You can only customize a pet if you make a new one.

Here is a sneak peek of the next pet - the Reindeer!

It looks like a reindeer anyway... Also, AJ HQ claims the next monthly gift will be the "biggest and sweetest" monthly gift. Hmm....

At first it looked like a wolf mask mask to me. After some discussion and comments, I realized it is most likely a gingerbread house den! do you think it is?

Coral Canyons is also going through some updates. First, play the game Long Shot for x2 the gems!

And some construction is going on behind the waterfall:

Oh yeah, and that blue turkey is my Feast of Thanks look. :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rare Item Estimates

It's been maybe 10 days, and there still isn't any thing new at all. There probably won't be anything until Thursday once again. So we might as well talk about something. The following list is of items that will most likely come back on Thursday's update. They are in order of my estimates.

• Turkey Hats (90% change of returning)

Old colors:

New colors:

• Pilgrim Hat (70% chance of returning)

Old colors:

 New colors:

 • Flag (50% chance of returning)

Old colors:

 New colors:

 • Leaf Necklace (10% chance of returning)

Old colors:

 New colors:

What do you think? Most likely only two items will return. But you never know... :P