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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Impostor

I guess I have another impostor - Mayksufii
Again, they have a similar name, but this time there is two letter I's...

 Remember, don't trust this jammer! They are NOT me! I'm reporting this to AJ HQ now. Please, this has to stop! Thanks Spino11 and eye66ytht for telling me.

I will always have my bat pet with me. My bat looks like this:

If you see someone claiming they are me without a witch hat/black viking hat and without this EXACT bat, THEY ARE LYING.


  1. ok why are ppl doing this i would ever do it
    i guess these peeps are trying to be Popular

  2. Aw man.
    I'm very sorry that there are people who are pretending to be, May. :(
    I mean, it's fine if they dress like you, but to have a name as identical to you as is possible is JUST. NOT. COOL! But that is one of the prices you pay from running a famous blog I suppose.

  3. And when I played AJ, I met MayksufiStorage10, claiming it's you, stuff like that, you should post that it's not you...

  4. I hate impostors. At least it just proves you're popular:)

  5. What about Mirrorsky?

  6. mayksufi i got a code deepsea it gives 500 gems i dont know if it works or if you have it yet on the code wall, yam on! -ollie42

  7. it didnt work -.- -ollie42

  8. I really hate that imposter. They keep adding me and randomly entering my den to annoy me!

  9. Maybe there's some big Mayksufi fan-club we haven't heard about and they all try to look like you? Who knows! But this does seem a little preposterous.


  10. hi mayksufi!! i saw u at the temple of zios!!!! MY USER IS harajuku1! you have the best blog ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Irk- those mean impostors! -.- its crazy, people pretending to be other peoples...


  12. IKR, Dolphina!!!
    Crazy- I think MayksufiStorage10 is Mayksufi's other account.


  13. I found another Impostor!His username is wichhatbunny.

  14. hey hi hey! thats stinks. i hate imposters! On a different website i was impostered. my name was teddybear11 and they were teddybear12.

  15. important........
    Theres another imposter i found. shes mayksufiii she said she goes on your blog every day! I think you should meet her on animaljam and talk to her and tell her to stop.


    (BTW big fan of your blog! Keep up the good work!)


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