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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bat Reminder

The limited edition bat pets are soon to fly away! Tomorrow, bat pets will no longer be available. They may not be available again next year, so I would get your bat pets now! Especially when we have pet trading! Pet trading is a future feature, and is NOT out yet. This is just a sneak peek.

So here are the places you can find bat pets at:

In Jamaa Township, by Club Geoz:

Near the Theater in Sarepia Forest:

And in the Lost Temple of Zios by the lake:

Each bat cost 400 gems, and are (unfortunately) for members only. Don't forget you can now have up to 12 pets now!

And when bats leave Jamaa, angler fish and seahorse ocean pets will come along! Here is my guess on where the underwater pet shop will be:


  1. awwwwwwww :( i wont be a member at the earliest of Friday i need to find someone with a bat now -.-

  2. COOLIOOOOPS I luv ya pets :3

  3. But I just looked... we dont ahve pet trading maybe u have the glich where all ur wolves r named princess orangemountan... I hav that a lot and it says pets r 4 trade but they arent.. :'(

  4. Pet trading is a future feature, but I never said pet trading is out yet. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

    1. Hmm... you said that there will be pet trading, and 3 years later STILL no pet trading

    2. It's a planned feature, I never said it was coming out for sure

  5. It was my fault for not being clear. If I can't do my job, I have to be better!

  6. omg i have a glitch where it says princess orangemountain also! it's kind of creepy...

  7. omg Mafksufi i have same dog as you!!!! check me out im montyboy101

  8. Pet trading isn't going to happen, that's just a glitch

  9. Well, my friend got a sneak peek of the trading system before it came out, the say way I got a sneak peak at the pet trading.


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