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Friday, November 11, 2011

Best Dressed is back!

It's been quite a wait, but the new game in Coral Canyons is back!

And it actually works this time!I hope it doesn't break again... :l


  1. Yay! I wish could play now though :( I'm in a place right now where there's not very good internet access.

  2. Hurrah! I didn't get to play it earlier so I played it and it's really fun!

  3. i just played it... it's the BEST GAME EVER !!!
    and if you NEVER tried that game what are you waiting for go now and play it
    longe123 out... peace

  4. There's something wrong with Best Dressed. Lions always win. If we don't be fair, lions will take over. I never vote for lions.

  5. I know, lions almost always win! For some reason lions keep getting special attention...

  6. I thought you were the one saying 'yay im here' and I wanted to ask why you weren't using perfect grammar! XD

    -Magical Shyrabbit, too lazy to log in XD

  7. I love that game!!

    I am a lion, too, but they vote lions because they're popular. I vote the ones who probably won't win. The reason why lions get voted is because they're most noticed in the game.

    I have strategies for Best Dressed, tons of them, but I do not share them...

  8. yay! It's back so I can play it for my first time! I was in LA and Long Beach so I was away and couldn't see the new stuff.


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