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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Makeover and Roof

Jamaa is now covered in leaves!

And it is so... bright! Also, now, you can get on to part of the roof of Jam Mart Clothing!

Yes, you can actually walk up the roof now! Here is how to do it:

First, walk over to the left bridge in Jamaa Township:
And click this part of the roof:

It can be fun to walk on the roof.

And don't forget, you can still buy Halloween clothes! They are an clearance and might never ever come back.
So get yours soon!


  1. hi remember me
    well my blog is getting deleted and so is my email so i might create a new blog but i might not
    but my blog might still be up and is has good info so check it out @ www.animaljamflashnews.blogspot.com

  2. yep it got deleted D'= =( )'= im crying

  3. Animal Jam is much cooler now!!

  4. I thought you didn't know, today I had a roof party, lol.

  5. May, the roof isnt a glitch u can click anywhere on it. AND GET UP. It not a glitch.

  6. I never said this was a glitch. The post title in the URL says fall-makeover-and-roof-glitch.html because I realized right after I posted this that it wasn't a glitch. And unfortunately, I can't change the URL.

    That's horrible!! Why would people hack the game and do something like that? We should report them, since they really ARE breaking the AJ rules! (And I didn't publish your comment because it was a bit inappropriate, but thanks for letting me know!)

  7. @ may

    yea i really didnt want you to post it xD i just wanted you to know . anyway thnx ( sorry it was inappropriate )

  8. @ may
    lol sorry bout the inappropriateness xD he should be banned. thnx for replying ^^

  9. wow my computer is messed up xD the first comment my computer shut down so i thought it wasnt gonna show up so i wrote another -.- well i feel embarresed now xD

  10. bigcatsfoever DCP MODNovember 3, 2011 at 8:49 PM

    @ May
    Were you talking to themagincouranmew about lolkingCentury1? Because I know about to innaprpriate.

  11. [...] Jamaa is now covered in leaves! [image] And it is so... bright! Also, now, you can get on to part of the roof of Jam [...]

  12. @bigcatsforever
    lol im not may but yea we were talking about him.

  13. Hey, I'm gonna talk about three things:

    1- I really wish they would but autumn music, it would be more relaxing.

    2- The phantom vortexes disappeared!

    3- Remember where the Appondale vortex was? If you do, check out where it was, there's this rock path that in the future may lead to the new land! Check it out! If you don't remember it was behind the Museum, lol.

    Play wild jammers!

  14. Oh! I forgot something!

    4- Every land has a place where you can get on, you can get on the tree in Appondale, you can get on the ledge thing in Coral Canyons, you can get on the mini mountain on the top part of Mt. Shiveer, maybe that part of the roof is Jamaa Township's!

  15. may! plz continue blogging on your Breadstick the Croc blog! i loved it! plz continue posting new things and being awesome!!


  16. WAAA!!!!!! My membership expires tomorrow! It expires on the sixth which is tomorrow!!! No more membership for me!!!!

  17. hey, may? its weird on my homepage it keeps going to the land homepage (old one with pandas koalas wolf etc) then it FLASHES back to the ocean one! what da heck! i know its kinda stuipid but has that happened to ANY OF YOU AWESOME PEEPS WHO READ MAY'S BLOG D: ?!?!


  18. @cesalia
    wow awesome ^-^ thnx for telling

  19. oh ya ur talking about that guy that has bad words in his animal's name. i reported him a hundred times. JK, but a lot of times. he should be banned forever and should never be able to come back...

  20. @dolphina
    1. i saw u in town today
    2.he finally changed his animal names! so im really happy about that( he was 15. i know that because he told me when i saw him )

  21. A little off topic, but since it's fall, Mira has returned. And well, talking to her about what's troubling you on Animal Jam can help! Please make a post about this if you have a blog! I couldn't believe Mira actually works, cuz while you're chatting, the answer comes to you!

  22. Themagicouramew-
    oh ya you freinded me
    and about the guy, he finally changed his name? i haven't looked in a while, so i'll have to look :D


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