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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New/Old Jam-A-Gram

It seems I missed this... Thanks Octopus737 for posting this on your blog! One of the old Jam-A-Grams is back!
If you want to send someone this Jam-A-Gram, you'll have to really search through the send-able Jam-A-Grams to find it...

Other than ocean pets, what new stuff do you think will come out soon?


  1. A seahorse and an anglerfish.

  2. I heard that Top Hats are returning. To confirm the fact, I messaged the HQ, and they just said, ''Oh we don't want to spoil it for your child...'' So I'm kinda clueless about it, except the fact of the new pets: Anglerfish and Seahorse. (I'm so gonna get a Anglerfish! >:D)

  3. Darkbraken-
    I am actually expecting Top Hats to come back soon! My mom said that they may come back for New Years (not that she knows anything about AJ)

  4. hey may! sry i havt posted in a while ive been really busy! ugh... so ya i think turkey hats will cum out and santa clause thingys so ya:)


  5. where are people getting the news about top hats coming out in the new year?



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