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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yet Another Best Dressed Problem

Best Dressed has been causing everyone problems since it was released. And now there's another problem. This isn't happening for everyone though.
When I try to play Best Dressed, the screen turns a little darker and won't stop loading.

It seems everyone here was having this same problem. They were all standing there for a while, too. I know my computer wasn't frozen, because I could still see people walking around... Why must this game be so glitchy? :l


  1. I had that glitch when the game first came out. But once it was taken down and returned, it stopped for me. It could simply be a loading issue, since it's so popular and so many people want to get in at once. Traffic causes Animal Jam to glitch up badly.


  2. I know huh? That's like the best game ever and gives you plentiful gems!

  3. BARGH! Now I CAN'T play it for my first time...

  4. Hey that animal is back!

  5. i know right why must it be so glitchy :'(


  6. It happens 2 me 2 , ITS SO ANNOING!

  7. hey i got banned for one day so i dont no wots happened lol XD

  8. If any of you people play okami or okamiden.. tell me.

  9. I think I know why it keeps loading for a LONG time.
    1. It is an AWESOME game, and a lot of people like it, too, and love to play it.
    2. That means, that A LOT of people play it, and it might get slow, the more the people get on it.

    I hoped this helped you, and have a nice time!

  10. When I plat Best Dressed it dosen't give me my gems i earned. No matter how long I play it. DX


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